17 Aug

Let’s thank Ecuador

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Thank Ecuador.

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Over 14,000 of you asked Ecuador to grant asylum to the founder of WikiLeaks,
Julian Assange.  That nation’s embassy in Washington publicly and favorably
acknowleged your support, and yesterday Ecuador’s government granted asylum.

thank Ecuador
Please forward to your friends asking them to do the


The UK has threatened to raid the Ecuadorian embassy in London
where Assange is now.  This would violate an inviolable international standard. 
The BBC reported last night that Britain’s foreign secretary, William Hague,
“said the UK would not allow Mr. Assange safe passage out of the

shame the British government for doing the bidding of our own

We don’t know the facts behind the sexual assault
accusations against Assange and can take no position on them.  We take sexual
assault seriously.  But the WikiLeaks leader is seeking protection from the
United States, not Sweden.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange offered to go
to Sweden — if Sweden would not extradite him to the United States on
“espionage” charges — and Sweden refused.  Assange has not been charged with
any crime in any country. Persecution for acts of journalism must be prevented,
and you are doing your part.  Ecuador
deserves the world’s thanks, and the UK our outrage.

is becoming a force to be reckoned with, and there are two things you can do to
expand our collective power.

1) Forward this email to everyone you know
with a note encouraging them to join us, perhaps by signing our petition
to NBC
opposing its new War-o-Tainment show.

2) Help
fund our very small staff with whatever amount you can afford to

There are few U.S.-based organizations that can be
relied on to push in a principled manner for peace and justice regardless of
which political party is in power, and to do so effectively.  RootsAction is
beginning to fill that gap.  Can
you help keep us alive and growing?

— The RootsAction team

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