23 Jul

Lou Dobbs : Birther Obsession On CNN “Most Trusted Name In News”

Questions that need to be answered.

Was Lou Dobbs born in Lower Slobbovia?

Or in the Land of Oz?

Is Lou Dobbs a serial killer?

Is Lou Dobbs a socialist?

Is Lou Dobbs a communist?

Does Lou Dobbs beat his wife?

Is Lou Dobbs a member of the mafia?

Is Lou Dobbs mentally  ill?

Is Lou Dobbs a Terrorist?

Is Lou Dobbs a secret agent for Iran? For North Korea?

Is Lou Dobbs real or a figment of the idiot tube via CNN?

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In answer to your questions: Not “as far as I know.”


If James von Brunn weren’t in a locked security ward at Southeast General Hospital in Washington, D.C., and awaiting trial for the murder of a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the 88-year-old racist and neo-Nazi might have taken comfort from listening to Lou Dobbs’ syndicated radio show or watching Dobbs on CNN in recent days. Von Brunn would have likely felt some sense of affirmation from Dobbs, as the host began belatedly championing the cause of so-called “birthers,” the angry band of right-wing conspiracy theorists who claim President Obama has not released a valid birth certificate and, in some cases, flat-out assert that he was not born in America and therefore is ineligible to be president of the United States.

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