17 Mar

Macushla By John McCormack

The O’Leary: In honor of a native Irishman, Dan Delaney, a dear family friend, who, several times in my youth when March would come around, would take me into his and Martha’s elegant and rarely visited living room, where I would sit on a plush, velvet sofa while he would wind up his big, beautiful victrola and play all of his treasured McCormack records.  We would sit there, Dan on a large velvet chair and me on the sofa, listening to the music in the anechoic hush of the heavily carpeted and draped parlor, both of us in awe of this magnificent voice singing the beautiful songs of Ireland.  Little did he, Dan Delaney, know that he was responsible, in large part, for my enduring love of everything Irish.  Or did he?


Vicrola (RS) 64205, “Macushla” (Rowe-Macmurrough), John McCormack, Tenor with orchestra. Played on my 1916 vintage VV-X. First issued circa late 1911; this pressing is a post-1914 pressing. Played at approximately 76.60 rpm using an Exhibition Sound-Box fitted with a N.O.S. Halls Fibre needle.


Macushla! Macushla! Your Sweet Voice Is Calling
Calling Me Softly Again And Again
Macushla! Macushla! I Hear Its Dear Pleading
My Blue Eyed Macushla, I Hear It In Vain.

Macushla! Macushla! Your White Arms Are Reaching
I Feel Them Enfolding Caressing Me Still
Fling Them Out In The Darkness My Lost Love
Macushla, Let Them Find Me And Bind Me Again If They Will.

Macushla! Macushla! Your Red Lips Are Saying
That Death Is A Dream And Love Is For Aye
Then Awaken Macushla, Awake From Thy Dreaming
My Blue Eyes Macushla, Awaken To Stay…

Macushla is an Irish term of endearment. My heart, my pulse. It is used as My dear, my darling.

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