20 Feb

Mayor Bernero of Lansing, Michigan Tears Into Fox Anchor

Mayor Bernero is obviously a man of passion, and one who knows what actual work and Unions mean, and have meant for our Country for over seventy years.  Unions in our country have saved those who actually work from dastardly long work hours, unsafe work conditions and have sought and got health insurance for their workers.

It is well  documented that the claim that automakers earn $70/hour is pure myth. At the very best, that figure encompasses total labor costs, which include health care and all other benefits (and even then, it’s misleading). Nonetheless, note how the Fox “journalist” asked the Mayor about this $70/hour figure — which indisputably includes health care costs — and then excoriated him for defending worker health care benefits on the ground that health care benefits are irrelevant to the $70/hour issue. It’s just not possible to overstate the stupidity both of our political discourse and of the TV actors who lead that discourse as they play the role of journalists.

The McGlynn

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Hooray for Bernero. We need more responses like his to the union bashing that is going on in this country. It was not the unions that brought us into this mess–it was Wall Street, greedy banks and insurance companies, the deregulators in Congress and the Bush administration, and short-sighted CEOs of the American auto companies.

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