25 May

Memorial Day, 2009

“They hover as a cloud of witnesses above this Nation.”
— Henry Ward Beecher
Fiance killed in Iraq in February, 2007

A Walk Through Arlington

Originally published September, 2007

Come, walk with me past the white stones
Through ancient fields of the fallen
Along paths of dreams not seen
Through aisles of solemn stillness
The oaks and elms not heard
To acres not visited by the tours
Come, walk with me

Past wars and our discontents
We will look for fresh earth
Where a canopy is ready
Where fresh wreaths adorn the new white
Where an anthem and taps sound
Come, walk with me

Past the innocence of youth
The bounty of life never seen
The saga of age denied
Borne by brothers to rest
We will see the past
Come, walk with me

The moment is over the next rise
The white of canopy
Green shoveled aside for the earth
Upon approach
Curfew calls a mother and daughter
Come, walk with me

Stones’ whiteness sears the eyes
A nation’s history cries
Pangs of conscience overwhelm
We are among the young
Born to flower we failed
Such a large bounty to waste
Come, walk with me

One of eighteen years rests
Beloved daughter, Sam
No child will bound into her lap
No child will grace her knee
Her art of mind and heart lost
No warm hearth of ages of love
Come, walk with me

Through alleys of white
Row upon row of young
Never to return to their streets of warmth
Nor to grace a porch
And shout a greeting to the village
Their virtues denied by war
Come, walk with me

Oh Sam, I hurt for you
For denying you your destiny
The bounty of life and saga of age
If only my voice could provoke your silence
We could meet the dawn
And grasp the moon
One would grace your knee with a little one
Give warmth to your mother
Come, walk with me

Our view will turn to and over the river
Where a little tyrant rules
Rising through lies, fear, slaughter and blood
To the applause of a nation
And that of a listening congress
Silence triumphs its halls
Come, walk with me

Come, walk with me
Let us go outside …..and march
Come, walk with me
For Sam and the young resting….in silence

The McGlynn

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