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Ave Trump! Those about to die (politically) salute you


Ave Trump! Those about to die (politically) salute you. Donald Trump on the way to White House

Source: Pravda.Ru archive

By Ben Tanosborn

After the symbolic early-bird primaries/caucuses in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, where approximately five percent of either party’s nominating delegates were offered to the presidential candidates, the winds of March came early on this 2016 Super Tuesday directly propelled by that extra leap day, February 29.  Approximately a quarter of the delegate count were at stake for each party this March 1, and the results have provided some political enlightenment, as well as minutiae, to keep the politicians concerned, the TV pundits employed and the politicophile public entertained.

As all the voting is tallied and delegates are apportioned, the results become not just a cumulative bottom line for the candidates in the primary season, but also the leading indicator, if read accurately, of future results.

For the two Democratic candidates, Super Tuesday results gave a clean and clear picture: Bernie Sanders appears to have a small but definitive edge where the electorate follows a more diversified, and representative, racial breakdown; while Hillary Clinton wins in landslide proportions where the Black and Brown vote predominate [Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas combined to give Clinton 283 (73%) delegates to Sanders 104 (27%)].  It follows that without sharing half of the B&B minority vote, Sanders will only reach the convention in Philadelphia as the standard-bearer of America’s progressive cause, but not as the prospective Democratic nominee.  And there appears to be little Bernie Sanders can do to combat a Clinton-loyalty that has been a generation in the making.

The results for the five-candidate slate in the Republican Party also provided a clear, if not clean, picture.  Donald Trump acquired on this date 285 delegates, four more than the combined tally for Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Ben Carson.  And that does not augur well for a GOP establishment that continues to find it difficult to sign Donald Trump’s adoption papers.

Almost a year ago my journalist friends overseas were email-questioning me on what they were starting to call the American political phenomenon, Trump.  Is he, Donald Trump, some of them were asking, just a boisterous sequel to that other colorful rich man who combined a French-sounding surname with a Texas twang, Ross Perot… back in the 1990’s?

Unfortunately, not!  Perot, whether you agreed with him or not, was prophetic in judging both globalization and Bill Clinton; Donald Trump, on the other hand, only appears as an opportunistic, latter-day medicine man and a first-class, self-promoting charlatan, appealing to anger, as proclaimed by the media; but, even more importantly, to the repressed bigotry and worst instincts of an uneducated, power-castrated, and irremediably frustrated, segment of the population… a large segment cutting across the right-left spectrum in American politics.

For this group, who feel to have been demoted economically, politically and socially, Trump represents their alter ego, the person who can say what they won’t dare say, but intimately feel, yet not get in trouble; a person with enough power/wealth to be able to command fear, if not respect, from politicians and a media (CNN) that he has lassoed and domesticated for his own end.   It’s only logical that this so-called “trump-phenomenon” would take place here first, in the United States of America.  After all, it is here where the two capitalist species, consumerism and globalization, were left totally unrestrained to roam and, sadly, to copulate.  Why then are we so surprised at the guttural roaring of the mutant which resulted, Donald Trump?

No; Donald Trump is no political phenomenon, only a shrill, guttural voice that’s coming from that pulpit that the two political parties jointly erected to preach the merits of a global consumer society. Never mind that as a result, through design or ignorance, an entire productive and affluent American middle class was set to rest.  Two political parties under the sequential, and equally misguided leadership of Ronald Reagan, Bush-41, Bill Clinton, Bush-43 and Barack Obama, dug a grave and buried, not just the mythical American Dream, but any hope to turn back.  Don’t blame the GOP elite alone for the neoliberal Democratic elite shares equally in the blame……….



Viktor Krasnov being prosecuted under a controversial law after being accused of ‘offending the sentiments of Orthodox believers’

A Russian atheist faces a year in prison after denying the existence of God during webchat

A Russian atheist faces a year in prison after denying the existence of God during an online exchange. Photograph: Lawrence Manning/Corbis

A man in southern Russia faces a potential jail sentence after he was charged with insulting the feelings of religious believers over an internet exchange in which he wrote that “there is no God”.

Viktor Krasnov, 38, who appeared in court Wednesday, is being prosecuted under a controversial 2013 law that was introduced after punk art group Pussy Riots was jailed for a performance in Moscow’s main cathedral, his lawyer Andrei Sabinin told AFP.

The charges – which carry a maximum one-year jail sentence – centre on an internet exchange that Krasnov was involved in in 2014 on a humorous local website in his hometown of Stavropol.

“If I say that the collection of Jewish fairytales entitled the Bible is complete bullshit, that is that. At least for me,” Krasnov wrote, adding later “there is no God!”………………


The shooting on 25 February was the city’s first fatal police shooting in five years, and has sparked several protests around the area in the week since

Kimberly Gunn, sister of Greg Gunn, is embraced by family friend Pam Blocton while mourning.

Kimberly Gunn, sister of Greg Gunn, is embraced by family friend Pam Blocton while mourning. Photograph: Albert Cesare/AP

A Montgomery police officer was charged with murder Wednesday for allegedly shooting to death 58-year-old Gregory Gunn early in the morning of 25 February.

The officer, 23-year-old Aaron Smith, was arrested and his bond was set at $150,000, Montgomery county district attorney Daryl Bailey said during a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

The case was the city’s first fatal police shooting in five years, and has sparked several protests around the area in the week since. At Wednesday’s press conference, Bailey attempted to defuse tensions by distancing the city from the act. “I want to be crystal clear,” Bailey said. “This arrest is in no way an indictment on the Montgomery police department. In fact, 99.9% of Montgomery police officers do an exceptional job.”

Local attorney Mickey McDermott, who is representing Smith, said that the city only arrested his client because of the pressure local officials felt from protests.

“This is a misuse of the process,” he said, saying that usually a grand jury would weigh whether an officer’s actions demanded arrest. “But because of this social media culture that we’re living in, this officer was thrown under the bus. I assure you we are going to stop that bus.”………………..


  • Grand jury indicted Brian Encinia on a perjury charge in December
  • Bland was found dead in jail cell days after arrest was caught on dashcam

The case provoked national outrage and drew the attention of the Black Lives Matter movement, with protesters linking Sandra Bland to other black suspects who died in confrontations with police or while in police custody.

The case provoked national outrage and drew the attention of the Black Lives Matter movement, with protesters linking Sandra Bland to other black suspects who died in confrontations with police or while in police custody. Photograph: Brett Coomer/AP

A Texas trooper indicted over his arrest of a black woman who was later found dead in jail has been formally fired, three months after his bosses first announced they would do so, state officials said Wednesday.

Brian Encinia can still appeal the decision to fire him, which came after a grand jury indicted him on a perjury charge in December. He was accused of lying about his July 2015 arrest of Sandra Bland and their confrontational traffic stop that was caught on dashcam video.

Encinia met last month with department of public safety director Steve McCraw, but their conversation gave the agency leader no reason “to alter my preliminary decision”, according to a termination letter signed by Encinia on Wednesday.

Encinia’s attorney, Larkin Eakin, did not immediately return a phone message. He has previously called the indictment unjustified and said his client was looking out for his own safety……………..



US politics

Election 2016

Clinton and Trump’s Super Tuesday wins rally Democrats and rattle GOP

The Guardian view on Super Tuesday: the long slide from hope to rage

Clinton softens tone to combat Trump’s divisiveness after Super Tuesday wins

Young black woman pushed by attendees at Trump rally – video

A crowd of largely white men repeatedly pushed a young black woman as she left a Donald Trump rally in Louisville, Kentucky, on Tuesday night. Trump can be heard barking ‘Get out!’ as the woman is manhandled by the crowd. Other apparent protesters were also shoved at the event

Donald Trump Jr grants radio interview to prominent white supremacist



The US Supreme hears controversial Texas abortion lawepa05190718 Pro-choice activist rally as the Supreme Court hears Whole Woman’s Health vs. Cole, the controversial Texas abortion access case, at the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, USA, 02 March 2016. The laws seeks to limit access to abortions by requiring that doctors have admitting privileges at local hospitals and clinics upgrade their facilities to hospital-like standards. EPA/SHAWN THEW

HB2 purports to be watching out for women’s health, but it just makes getting an abortion near impossible. Photograph: Shawn Thew/EPA

On Wednesday, the US supreme court heard oral arguments in the most important abortion rights case to appear before it in more than two decades.

House Bill 2, the Texas anti-abortion law being challenged in Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstedt, would require most of the abortion clinics in the state to close. Passed by legislators who are not necessarily familiar with even the most basic facts of how abortions work, it represents the state of the art in using alleged protections of women’s health to deny them access to a safe medical procedure.

Were the case to be upheld, Roe v Wade would essentially be overruled, whether the court did so explicitly or not. With Antonin Scalia’s death, though, the court lost a conservative vote, and HB2 will likely not be upheld. It is likely, however, that the fate of the Texas law and the reproductive rights of American women will have to wait until after the presidential election in November to be decided.

In 1992, a Republican-dominated supreme court unexpectedly upheld Roe by deciding, in Planned Parenthood v Casey, that bans on pre-viability abortion were unconstitutional, and regulations of pre-viability abortion were constitutional only if they did not constitute an “undue burden” on a woman’s right to choose.

As subsequently applied, however, the “undue burden” standard has given considerable latitude to states like Texas, which has enacted various regulations that make it difficult to impossible for many women to obtain safe abortions. Supporters of reproductive rights are hoping that the envelope has finally been pushed too far.

Those hopes just got more attainable with the death of Scalia. It requires five votes to create precedent, and the four Democratic appointees on the court are virtually certain to rule the challenged provisions of HB2 unconstitutional. The question instead is whether there might be five votes to give Roe back its teeth and stop the pincer attack on reproductive freedom in state legislatures……………….



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