20 Mar

One Week, 6 Hillary Clinton Lies


(1) Bernie Sanders and ‘90s Health Care Reform

On March 12th, Clinton said the following at a St. Louis campaign event:

“And I always get a little chuckle when I hear my opponent talking about doing it [health care reform]. Well, I don’t know where he was when I was trying to get health care in ’93 and ’94, standing up the insurance companies, standing up against the drug companies.”

Only problem?

Sanders appeared at a health care reform event with Clinton — in which she thanked him for his work and help on the issue.…


And not only that, she wrote him a letter additionally thanking him for his work on universal health care!


“Thanks for your COMMITMENT to real health care access for all Americans.”


And not only THAT, but Sanders actually arranged a meeting with single-payer researchers with Clinton in 1993.

He was not only around at that time, but he was trying to get Clinton to go further in her own plans! 

Here’s how that rather shocking exchange went down:

In February, Sanders requested a meeting with Hillary, “to bring in two Harvard Medical School physicians who have written on the Canadian system,” according to the records of the administration’s task force. Those physicians were Stephanie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein, leading advocates for single-payer health care.

They got their meeting at the White House that month, and the two doctors laid out the case for single-payer to the first lady.

“She said, ‘You make a convincing case, but is there any force on the face of the earth that could counter the hundreds of millions of the dollars the insurance industry would spend fighting that?’” recalled Himmelstein.

“And I said, “How about the president of the United States actually leading the American people?’

And she said, ‘Tell me something real.’ ” 

Sanders was undeterred by this dismissal of single-payer’s political viability.

In March, he was at it again, inviting the first lady up to Vermont as the state considered overhauling its own health care policies. In June, Clinton did go up to Vermont – to address a Democratic Governors Association meeting hosted by the state’s then-Gov. Howard Dean in the quaint village of Woodstock – and she brought Sanders and Sen. Pat Leahy with her.

OK, so here we see that not only did Sanders fight and push for BETTER health care than Clinton did — she actually said she didn’t believe the American people would follow a bold, strong leader pushing for a better standard of living for them and their children, or even that the President of the U.S., or the First Lady, should even try. 

Sound familiar?

This is exactly the issue playing out between Sanders and Clinton in this primary season:

The American people are too stupid and dumb to actually fight for their own best interests, says Clinton.

The American people will rise up and follow a truth-teller, if only the Democratic establishment stops fighting the true liberals and progressives, says Sanders.

Who the hell do you want to vote for? The guy who thinks we should fight for real health care for all? Or the candidate who thinks the president shouldn’t lead the American people to a better world?

Come on, guys. The answer is so plain and simple — we NEED Bernie Sanders! We NEED the stalwart who’s been fighting for us, unquestionably, all his life!

The only thing that makes universal health care, tuition free public colleges and universities, and all the other basic stuff Sanders is proposing impossible — IS US.

Stand up and fight for your rights, for your own sake!! You’re already paying for it! Don’t let those tax dollars get sucked to war and corporate welfare anymore!

And lastly, for all Clinton’s talk about “standing up to the insurance companies,” it sure looks like she thought there wasn’t a “force on the face of the earth” that could do anything to stop them.

How’s that for being a champion of the people?

Give me a freaking break!

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