23 Nov

Palin’s Denial Park

Margaret and Helen

By: Helen Philpot


Yes Margaret.  I admit it.  I watched it and very much regret it.  Never before have I wished so hard that a “crevasse” would open up and swallow a  person whole.   If you ask me, the “crack” Sarah Palin should be worried about isn’t on Mount McKinley in Denali National Park.  It’s the butt crack hanging out of her teenager’s short-shorts in Palin’s Denial Park.  My goodness but those Palin girls can’t wait to test the limits of that abstinence only education to which their momma gives so much lip service.

And poor Alaska.   To have that as your spokesmodel.  You clearly drew the short end of the stick on that one.  I ask you, is the show about Alaska or about how Alaska can be used as a platform for Sarah Palin’s political aspirations? Here’s a little fact you won’t find on Sarah Palin’s Alaska:   Alaska led the way in teen pregnancies with an increase of 19% last year. 

The show starts off with Palin telling us that she loves Alaska as much as she loves her family.  Which means if there’s enough money in it, she’ll quit her family too.  But seeing how she’s pimped out Bristol to ABC’s Dancing With a Teenage Mom, and now she’s pimping out the youngest one to TLC’s  Sarah Palin’s Grizzlies Gone Bad, I think the family is still paying off enough to keep Sarah coming home at the end of the book tours.  

But I don’t want to talk about Sarah anymore.  Instead I want to respond to some moron’s comment on this webpage blog about all those Americans sitting around enjoying their lavish unemployment benefits instead of looking for jobs.

Here are the facts.  You remember facts, don’t you?  Or has Fox News permanently deleted those in your world?   Those lavish benefit checks on average are about $375 per week or about $1,600 per month.  Only about 37 percent of unemployed workers actually collect unemployment benefits, and the unemployed workers who are not collecting benefits find a job, on average, only about one week earlier than unemployed workers who are collecting benefits.

So here is what I say.  Rather than worrying about that extra week at the government spa or the occasional moron who is – wrongfully – gaming the system for $300 a week, how about being grateful for everything you have in your life?  Beating people while they are down just seems so unChristian to me.  How about you, Margaret?

If you want to beat someone down, beat down all those Republican politicians screaming about lazy unemployed Americans who are staying home collecting those enormous unemployment checks. And beat down Fox News for deciding to make factual reporting extinct. And beat down Sarah Palin just because.  I mean it . Really.

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