12 Jun

Parents Not Sophisticated Enough To Understand A Vaccine Injury

Dr. Michael Stoto Claims Parents Not Sophisticated Enough To Understand A Vaccine Injury


By Katie Wright

When my son Christian was small he had a couple of really bad reakshuns to those bunches of those baby shots, I mean vaccines, whatever the heck you call them. So when I heard that a big deal mucky muck government committee was going to talk about vaccines, and, you know, bad things that can happen when kids get so many needles, I tuned in!

I don’t understand all that fancy doctor talk but I think I got the some of the gist. Dr. Michael Stoto talked about why I am probably wrong and how I must have imaginen those bad things that happened to my son after that giant bundle of shots.


Dr. Stoto *(see below) said that “parents are not sophisticated” enough to recognize what an adverse vaccine  reakshun is. What does a fancy $10 word like “sophisticated” mean? All his high falutin words whizzed right over my head.

My small, peanut size, unsophisticated, whatcamacallit brain tried so hard to take in what this important doctor man was saying. I think Stoto might be right and he should be the one to decside if a baby had a bad needle reakshun, not their unsopticat… parents.


All of Dr. Stoto’s fancy talk convinced me that there are no bad reakshuns to giant bunches of needles. When my friend’s toddler took her son to the emergency room after the DTap it was a coincidem (whatever the heck you call that when 2 things magically happen at the same time). Dr Stoto said that the vaccine accidents in the big VAERS datahouse, or database, whatever you call it, have not been “verified” by him or others so they are probly suspect.

Sure I don’t know any parents whose kids had super bad reakshuns to needles and whose doctor even made that VASE report but I am sure the big doctor is right and they probably are not real anyway.

The AAP- you know those kid doctors- finished up this impotint meeting saying  DON’T study the vaccine, schedule at all. We don’t need to know nothing and should leave things exactly like there. Listenin to unsopticate parents will get u knowhere. I don’t no why no parents don’t trust doctors but I am sure Dr. Stoto  and the AAP can tell me why in a way my tiny brain can understan.

Katie Wright is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.

*Michael A. Stoto (No Medical Education)

Professor of Health Systems Administration and Population Health

Georgetown University

Educational Institution; 5001-10,000 employees; Higher Education industry

August 2006Present (5 years 11 months)

Michael A. Stoto, PhD, is a Professor of Health Systems Administration and Population Health. A statistician, epidemiologist, and health policy analyst, Dr. Stoto’s research includes methodological topics in epidemiology, statistics, and demography, research synthesis/meta-analysis, community health assessment, risk analysis and communication, and performance measurement, as well as substantive topics in public health practice, especially with regard to preparedness; the evaluation of public health interventions, and infectious disease policy, and ethical issues in research and public health practice. Dr. Stoto is the co-Principal Investigator of the CDC-funded Linking Assessment and Measurement to PHEP Systems Improvement (LAMPS) center based at the Harvard School of Public Health, and the director of the LAMPS Systems Improvement project, which seeks to adopt systems improvement practices for improving public health emergency preparedness (PHEP). He also leads the evaluation team for the DC Healthcare Coalition Emergency Management Partnership grant, and is developing an evaluation toolkit for Medical Reserve Corps deployment in flu clinics.

Dr. Stoto is also an Adjunct Professor of Biostatistics at the Harvard School of Public Health, and co-Principle Investigator of the CDC-funded Public Health Preparedness Research Center. He previously served on the faculty of Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, and the RAND Graduate School. Dr. Stoto received an AB from Princeton University and a PhD in Statistics from Harvard University, and is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association.

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