14 Nov

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Robert Reich: The President’s Opening Bid on a Grand Bargain (II): Put a Trigger Mechanism in theLegislation

Congressional Budget Office and most independent economists say it will suck so
much demand out of the economy that it will push us back into recession. That’s
the austerity trap of low growth, high unemployment, and falling government
revenues Europe finds itself in. We don’t want to go there.

Christine Pelosi: Enough With the Mad Men Mores: The Generals Are Not the Victims

they go again — powerful men having illicit affairs while their apologists
blame the women. Didn’t we just vote to reject these Mad Men mores in
last week’s election? Apparently not everyone got the message.

Tom Engelhardt: The Meaning of a Do-Nothing Election

country is stuck in a hell of its own making that passes for everyday life at a
moment when the world, for better and/or worse, is coming unstuck in all sorts
of ways.

Lisa Belkin: The Petraeus Affair: Why Is There No Male Equivalent for ‘Mistress’?

English language has no word for that — no label we use to describe the man
with whom a married woman cheats. Gigolo doesn’t really cover it. Lover,
perhaps, but no newspaper account would use it in a situation like this because
their goal is to talk about sex without directly mentioning it. Paramour? That
just sounds ridiculous.

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