01 Jul

Rachel Maddow Just Said What The Rest Of The Media Won’t About Trump’s Vile Twitter Attacks

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Rachel Maddow Just Said What The Rest Of The Media Won’t About Trump’s Vile Twitter Attacks


On The Rachel Maddow Show tonight, the host shined a new spotlight on President Trump’s vile Twitter attacks, highlighting an even more grievous offense than the disgusting, sexist themes he has evoked over the last few days and years. (Video below.)

All politicians, Maddow acknowledges, use diversions to distract from topics they don’t want to discuss, but none so masterfully as Donald Trump. The president’s skill comes from a willingness — even eagerness — to embrace the most repugnant behavior and bask in the negative attention that floods his way.

In the campaign, when he had no policy substance to discuss, he used this strategy to divert attention from opponents who did. Today, he employs the tactic to steer the national dialogue away from his tax plan masquerading as a healthcare bill, because his congressional enablers don’t want to go home for the 4th of July recess and discuss a universally detested bill that would strip coverage from tens of millions of Americans, increase cost, and cause tens of thousands of deaths.

And it’s working.

Maddow brilliantly makes the case that the reason Trump is able to utilize this strategy in ways never before dreamed is because he does not care about the things that he is seriously harming — the presidency, the country, America’s standing in the world.

Especially in the lead-up to next week’s Congressional recess, the first 15 minutes of this video are a must-watch (the whole thing is great for those who have time). Our Senators and Members of Congress need to hear from us, and there is not much new to say about the president’s tweets, no matter how disgusting.

Healthcare, on the other hand, could not be more urgent or important. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is determined to ram through a catastrophic bill in some form before we know what’s hit us. This is literally do or die.

So, let’s do this. Thanks to Rachel Maddow for helping keep us focused.

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