30 Sep

Rethink Afghanistan: New Documentary Calls For End To War (VIDEO)

As President Obama comes under increasing pressure to exit Afghanistan after eight years of war – or at least to come up with a credible strategy – a new film seeks to push him toward the door. Rethink Afghanistan — part documentary, part political campaign — premieres this week.

Directed by Robert Greenwald, the man behind Outfoxed, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price and Iraq For Sale, the film portrays Afghanistan as a nation — or, more accurately, a collection or tribal affiliations — that has never been pacified by force in its long history and the present American endeavor as doomed to failure.

The film was funded by small donations rather than by large-scale producers and is being rolled out at several hundred house parties, church basements and events sponsored by activist organizations. Rather than holding all the footage for a final documentary, Greenwald cut small segments — such as this one — to distribute to viewers as a way to raise more funds to keep the project going and to keep up the political pressure.

It premieres October 2 in New York City. WATCH the trailer (highly graphic):

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