18 Sep

Senator Elizabeth Warren asks Anthem VP about the ACA & Full Hearing

Senator Elizabeth Warren asks Anthem VP about the ACA


Senator Elizabeth Warren asked Anthem VP Robert Ruiz-Moss about the health care giant’s participation in Affordable Care Act health exchanges at the September 14, 2017 HELP Committee Hearing: “Stabilizing Premiums and Helping Individuals in the Individual Insurance Market for 2018: Health Care Stakeholders.”


A few thoughts:

Healthcare is a right of all those in our country.

Healthcare should not be motivated, nor delivered by selfish, greedy profit
based corporations under no control.

$900 million of profit in three months to an insurance company which funds private jets, highly expensive hotels, the best restaurants etc. This instead of relieving suffering for thousands of people needing cancer treatments, kidney transplants, and broken bone settings and treating the poor in our midst. In Michigan 25% of our children live in poverty.

And the problem is worsened because the rich wake up in the morning with one thought in mind – get richer.

The corporate oligarchs have taken over everything in their quest to amass “wealth” at the expense of everyone else. Damn to hell the USA corporate oligarchs and their puppet politicians.

The ultra free market worshipers have only one belief. And that is that the market is all omnipotent and could care less that it is devoid of morals. To give power to an economy directed without morals is ludicrous and a disaster waiting.

Funny how all its failures are always blamed on the people but never on a corrupted immoral system that perpetuates that corruption.

The U.S. has fallen prey to the very thing it rebelled against in the first place in the 1700s, an immutable aristocracy.

The solution is obvious. Nationalize the health insurance industry.

The McGlynn



Stabilizing Individual Insurance Market Health care stakeholders, including state and insurance company officials, testified at a hearing on stabilization of the individual insurance market. They discussed the future of “cost-sharing reduction” payments to insurers, coverage options for young adults, essential health benefits, and waivers to allow states to pursue innovative strategies for offering health care. Committee Chair Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) said he hoped to have a bipartisan agreement approved by the end of September 2017 to help limit premium increases in 2018 and beyond.

At the conclusion of the hearing, Senator Alexander spoke briefly with reporters.

This was the fourth of four hearings being held by the Senate Health Committee on individual health insurance markets.

Learn more about the hearing here:…

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George Hastings

Thanks, for posting this video, Dick. I love Senator Warren.

I myself, however agree with Pres. Obama that while single-payer is theoretically desirable, because so many people now get their health insurance through employment, to try to move immediately at this time to single-payer would be political suicide for Dems. It would hand the 2020 election to Trump.

The ACA has covered an additional 20 million people. the way to go now is to expand the ACA to cover more and more, until we get to 100 percent.

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