19 Jun

Silenced for saying vagina?! Demand Michigan Republican House leaders apologize!




The McGlynn,

Michigan’s Republican House Speaker James Bolger and Majority Leader Jim
Stamas are eager to regulate vaginas, so long as they don’t have to hear about

Tell them to apologize!

Last week, they silenced Reps. Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum for wanting to speak
out about women’s reproductive health.

For saying the word “vagina,” Brown was barred from speaking on the
House floor.
Byrum was barred before she even got the chance to give a

us in demanding that they apologize to Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum — and allow
them to speak again on the House floor. Click here to sign.

It is unacceptable that Republicans have used bullying tactics to shut down
debate about important issues. It’s happened in Wisconsin, Michigan, and around
the country.

With your help, we can publicly shame Michigan’s Republican leaders
and make others think twice before silencing debate in the future.

We’ll inform Michigan media about thousands of people demanding an apology —
and run online ads shaming Bolger and Stamas publicly.

the petition demanding that Stamas and Bolger apologize! Then pass this to your

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

– Amanda Johnson, Robyn Swirling, Katrina Shankland, Josh Wolfsun, Forrest
Brown, Drew McConville, and the PCCC team

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