09 Nov

Tell Wells Fargo to return Niko Black to her home without further harassment.

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Black, a woman fighting terminal metastatic cancer, was cruelly and illegally
evicted from her Orange County home at the behest of Wells Fargo.
Please sign the petition today! Help Illegally Evicted
Cancer Victim Get Her Home Back!

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Dear The McGlynn,

Niko Black, 37, was in bed, fighting terminal
metastatic cancer, when the Orange County Sheriff’s Department broke down her door and
evicted her at the behest of Wells Fargo
. While Black was stranded on the
sidewalk in a wheelchair, her locks were changed – keeping her from her
medication, still locked inside the house. Without her medication, Black quickly
became ill. But the police on the scene did nothing to help, and soon she had to
be taken to the hospital.

Tell Wells Fargo to return
Niko Black to her home without further harassment.

The entire
incident was horrible – no humanity was shown toward a weak and dying woman.
What’s worse is that the entire eviction was illegal! Black had
obtained a stay of eviction in August – and the paperwork for that was taped to
her door, in plain view of of the police who stormed into her home.

Wells Fargo can still do the
right thing! Tell them to return Niko Black to her home and apologize for
heartlessly – and illegally – evicting her.

care2 Thank you for taking action,

Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

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Wells Fargo is one of the worst financial establishments in America. Not one of us should do business with them.

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