04 May

Thank you, MSNBC! Thank you, CNN! For Donald$#@#Trump!


Donald Trump received nearly $2 billion in free media exposure this past year, dwarfing his Republican rivals and more than doubling the attention paid to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, according to tracking firm mediaQuant.


Thank you, Wolf Blitzer, for your excitable, over-the-top, content-free declarations every time there’s a sighting of Donald Trump.

Thank you, Anderson Cooper, for your never-ending ~~~BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!~~~ banners at every  racist, misogynistic rant from Donald Trump.

Thank you, Chris Matthews, for your contradictory, faux-intellectual nonsensical utterances about Donald Trump’s every move.

Thank you, Brian Williams, for every time you declined to carry the Democratic nominees after a victory — as you did this evening with Bernie — while you carry every diarrhetic dropping from Donald Trump.

Thank you, Lawrence & Rachel, for going along for the ride. For discussing Donald Trump ad nauseam in your pursuit of the almighty ratings.

And as for you, Joe & Mika? Thank you. Thank you, Mika, for abandoning your liberal principles and allowing Conservative Joe to co-opt you. Thank you for every time you bobbed your head and gazed adoringly at Joe as he attempted to shove Donald Trump down our throats. Thank you, Joe, you hardworking surrogate, you. Job well done!

Donald Trump is the Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee thanks to the corporate media of this country. Are you happy now? Assholes!

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