08 Jul

That’s Love by Johnny Shelton


“That’s Love” was written for his lost son. He died of cancer at five years old. Shelton  states that the song was written as a lesson that whatever comes in life, “know the joy of love” and that love will be powerful enough to pull him through, and as reminder that the bonds of love are really all that matters.

At the close of the segment, Shelton describes the pain of losing his precious boy to cancer at five years old. He now uses the song as his special way of communing with his child, and giving strength to those listening who face their own struggles.

To me he doesn’t have the perfect voice. But what in the hell do I know about singing? Not a damn thing. What I do know is that this is real authenticity and credibility ringing through the strains in the verses he sings in this song that he wrote.


The McGlynn


The music and verse

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