15 Apr

The Daily Post – A Time to Remember


The McGlynn

The McGlynn:

Today we have the immigrant population that has crossed our Southern border illegally to have a chance at the American dream that we all hold so dear. Many do the jobs that American workers have been unwilling to do for wages that American workers don’t want. Many have found their way through the thicket of rules and regulations and advanced. Many came expressly for their children and the future that they and others yet born would have.

And also today we have the Mid-Eastern crisis that we created with the invasion of Iraq. Our media, compliments of the republican candidates for president, is full of hate, racism, bigotry, the worst of mankind.This is not what our country became thru centuries of struggle and from which we still have debts to pay. And, damn it, this is not what we are.

We must be open to those fleeing slaughter by the worst dregs on our planet. We are the best, last chance for many and carry the tales of our own immigrant experience. We must choose the light of understanding by welcoming and learning about and from those of every faith and color who are already a vital part of our world. We must reach out in this time of darkness and unending fear to bring light into every corner of our community. It is our essential character to share our blessings with those now in greatest need and to work to help them to overcome the tragedies they have faced by becoming valued participants in our American destiny.

immig child

And from Bernie Sanders:

“America has always been a beacon of liberty for those fleeing violence and persecution. Raids separating families are not who we are. Deportation can be a death sentence to detained minors, parents and asylum seekers. Asking children as young as three to represent themselves at hearings is a shameful miscarriage of justice that cannot be allowed to stand. Families deserve fair treatment and our compassion, not a process rigged to expose them to danger. The cruel and inhumane imprisonment and deportation of Central American refugees who have been fleeing violence must end. The president should enact a moratorium on these raids as soon as possible.

“The arbitrary separation of families and the possible deportation of Wildin Acosta, a young teenager who fled Honduras after a gang member threatened to kill him; the Bangladeshi and South Asian asylum seekers currently in corporate prisons who are on hunger strike; and the pending deportation of Ladislao Padilla-Ochoa, a father who has lived in Tennessee for almost 20 years are wrong. They must be reunited with their families.

“We need an immigration system that unites families, not one that tears them apart.”

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The O'Leary

I’m sorry to say we have not “always been a beacon of liberty for those fleeing violence and persecution.” Think of the Irish immigrants, the Italian immigrants, the Jews fleeing Nazi Germany and refused entrance to this country by none other than FDR. And now the Hispanics. We will not become “the country we were meant to be” until we acknowledge our history of hatred for “the other” and work to make it obsolete.

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