31 Oct

The March In Chicago, October 27, 2007


We need to march to end this war. We need to write, call and fax our representatives in government and demand that they listen to the voice of the people. We need to organize all the peace groups into one cohesive group and demand truth from the democratic candidates. We need to demand complete answers from them. We need to demand that those politicians, who say they want the troops out, act accordingly. We need to hold all politicians to account on this most serious of matters. We need to demand that they appear alongside those hundreds of thousands now marching against this most criminal war. We need to demand that they speak at the peace marches, and that they acknowledge the swelling number of citizens across this great country who would have them step down from the responsibility of government if they lack the courage to face the horror we have created and say no more. No more injustice, no more tyranny, no more murder, no more destruction, no more deception. We need to demand that those who have forsaken the people of this country, those who have abandoned the hopes and longing of millions, those who have no pity or mercy for the hundred of thousands made wretched by the injustice of the tyranny ruling this land, step down. Step down president Bush and all who stand with him, be they democrats or republicans. Stand down! If you will not stand with justice, hope and liberty, then stand down!

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The sad truth is that most people in the United States agree with you and yet..


You will need to do more than challenge your politicians. Ruled over by a criminal elite means that the rule of law cannot be appealed to. This is now very evident when scrutinising both the content of current legislation and its intent. Democracy has long been forgot in the USA. You may have the idea of democratic process still in place but the purpose to which it is generally put is often to disguise from the people the very lack of democratic practice in everyday life.

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