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The Revolution Starts With Bernie, But Doesn’t End With Him : Meet His Team Running For Congress


The Revolution Starts With Bernie, But Doesn’t End With Him : Meet His Team Running For Congress

People around the world recognize the President of the United States as the leader of our government and the face of the American nation. When the President speaks, the world listens. They set the tone for the country and steer the direction of policy agenda. While this blog’s endorsed candidate – Bernie Sanders – wants to make some big changes to the way the government is being run, it is commonly accepted that he won’t be able to institute them by himself.

Thanks to the ingenious system of checks and balances set forth in the Constitution, the President is not the sole decider for all things governmental. While the President signs bills into law, they can’t pass them. The President is the Commander-in-Chief and can send troops anywhere in the world, but only if Congress agrees to fund the armed forces. Treaties are negotiated by the President, but approved by Congress.

So what does that mean for the Sanders’ agenda?

If the progressive voice of Bernie Sanders finds a new home in the Oval Office, then there will need to be like minded, ideological progressives to step in and fill the void in Congress, to support the changes a Sanders presidency would likely put forward. Lucky for him, and the rest of the nation, there happens to be a group of challengers in the upcoming congressional elections that would do just that.


Gary Kroeger is currently seeking the Democratic nomination for the House of Representatives seat in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District. Unhappy with the incumbent “Tea Party Republican,” Kroeger is bringing his progressive message to a Democratic party that has lost its way. He is looking to “rock the boat” and push the issues that are important, but don’t necessarily poll well, like gun control. Gary is a former SNL cast member, but more importantly, has proven consistency in terms of his progressive beliefs.

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Alex Law has challenged the incumbent Democrat in New Jersey’s 1st Congressional District. Law is trying to unseat a Democrat, Donald Norcross, and subsequently will come up against Mr. Norcross’ ruthlessly efficient political machine. During his tenure in political office, Mr. Norcross has voted with Republicans on a multitude of issues, including the Keystone Pipeline, the Freedom Act, and many others. Running against a corporate backed Democrat, Law is pushing back with fundamental progressive ideals and trying to inspire voters to show up on primary day and bring the true principles of the Democrats back to southern New Jersey.


Preston Picus is running as a third-party independent candidate in California’s 12th Congressional District against Democrat heavyweight Nancy Pelosi. Picus is unhappy with the current state of the Democratic Party, likening current Democratic moderates to Republicans of forty years ago. Running on a progressive platform, Picus says the system is broken and a change is necessary to get things done that the majority of the country want. Mr. Picus is ideologically aligned with Bernie Sanders, as a consequence of his principled stances on social, economic and foreign policy.


Tom Fiegen will be trying to unseat a long-time Republican incumbent for one of Iowa’s Senate seats. Embracing the ideas of progressivism early in his life, Fiegen is looking to appeal to the farmers in Iowa who have been neglected for many years. The “mega farmers” have polluted and dictated farming policy for too long, according to Fiegen, and it’s time that family and homestead farmers be brought back into the process. Tom hopes to apply progressive issues, such as inequality, to local problems, in order to garner the votes of Iowans and, subsequently, win the seat.


Kerith Strano Taylor will be challenging for Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District for a second time in as many elections. Running as a strong negotiator, she is hoping to bring her experience in dispute mediation to a House of Representatives that has become about saying “no” and stagnating the reform of out of date policies; rather than enabling progress through bi-partisanship. Instead of wanting to continue the constant separation of the political parties, Taylor is for bringing the sides together to accomplish real change under a progressive banner.

With the emergence of Bernie Sanders as a presidential candidate, the progressive movement has gained exposure and these candidates are in a unique position to help drive the country in a new direction. The push has already begun as more and more people become aware of progressive ideals and the number of supporters continues to grow.

You can visit the Political People Podcast on Soundcloud for interviews with each of the candidates to learn more information about their policies and ideas, please subscribe if you enjoy.


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