19 Dec

The Vietnam War PBS Episode 1 – Déjà Vu

The Vietnam War PBS Episode 1: Déjà Vu (1858-1961)


The Vietnam War is a 10-part Series>>


I believe the benchmark of the Vietnam War was the My Lai Massacre in which US soldiers killed between 400 and 500 unarmed civilians.

The massacre took place in two small villages in South Vietnam. Although some of those who were responsible were charged, only the leader of the platoon was found guilty. His sentence for the killing of 22 villagers was to spend three and a half years under house arrest. The rest of the soldiers responsible received no punishment.

Some soldiers within the battalion who had tried to stop the massacre and protect the civilians were initially denounced as traitors. It took thirty years before their action was given the recognition it deserved.

One of the soldiers was posthumously awarded a medal for his attempt to shield civilians during the attack.

The only good? thing to result from the news of the My Lai Massacre was that it prompted outrage both at home and abroad and played a role in strengthening the protests against the ongoing conflict in the US and internationally.

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