Senility is not funny. We have all experienced the pain of watching a loved one struggle with the loss of faculties from age, and the luckiest among us will confront those challenges sooner or later.

Because we have all seen it, we should also all agree that people in the midst of this struggle should not control the world’s most powerful military or largest nuclear arsenal. As today’s otherwise innocuous video (below) indicates, that is exactly the frightening situation that voters in 30 states put us in and 218 Members of Congress keep us in.

Again, dementia is not a target for judgment, and this is not Trump-bashing. Team MAGA should agree with us on this point — just as I can love my grandfather and not want him anywhere near the wheel of a car.

In fact, were it not for Trump’s long history of cheating, lying, and race-baiting, dementia would be the most acceptable excuse for his erratic behavior, gold fish-like attention span, and apparent disinterest in his job.

Of course, Trump’s despicable behavior is far from new, and even as he appears to be suffering the effects of age combined with poor diet and no exercise, he remains a singularly unsympathetic figure.

Like him or hate him, we should all be able to agree that a man who gets lost on the way to the car — while standing at the car — should not be Commander-in-Chief.

That goes for Donald Trump and my grandpa.