23 Feb

Trump repeats NRA talking points

Trump repeats NRA talking points

President Trump has suggested some gun proposals that are in step with the National Rifle Association, He repeated some of their statements – sometimes word for word.


Reminds me of a two year old trying to repeat what an adult said. An evil adult who lives in our White House.

The speech writer for Trump the Dump.

Trump and the republicans took millions of dollars from the people who want guns EVERYWHERE. Why ? Sell more guns = Make more money. It’s ALL about the money. NRA and TRUMP Don’t care about you or your kids safety. Read “National Rifle Association Political Pay Offs>>.

“What many people don’t understand,” the president tweeted, is that “the folks who work so far at the NRA are Great People and Great American Patriots. They love our country and will do the right thing.”

On its website, the NRA legislative arm also opposes expanded background checks. Among other reasons, the organization says, “background checks don’t stop criminals from getting firearms.”

Given the NRA’s influence among Republicans who control Congress, only a president determined to fight could overcome that resistance. The Dump is a damn fool and an enemy of the people.

To the NRA: you have FAILED the USA. The NRA used to be a gun safety training club, but once the right wing paranoid deranged lunatics took over, it became a political tool to flood the US with military weapons, making them so accessible that any deranged 18 yr old can pick up a fully automatic weapon, with the bump stock modification, in 10 minutes. They use their political tools to put more pro gun automaton luntics into office, using their money from their stupid members. 

And now you hear these NRA leaders talking and exposing themselves as the truly hateful and mentally ill people they are. Dead children are paying the price so that the NRA can have such a stranglehold on the U.S. government! Too many organizations own U.S. politicians and the U.S. citizen isn’t one of them!
DAMN all of them to HELL!

The McGlynn


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