02 Jun

Trump Tells Earth to Go F**k Itself: The Daily Show

Trump Tells Earth to Go F**k Itself: The Daily Show


This idiot is a laughing stock, and an embarrassment to all mankind. We are laughing at him, otherwise we would be crying. His stupidity and arrogance makes him damn dangerous to the world.

How? In just over a few months, one man tears the country apart, abuses his own country’s closet allies spanning decades of loyalty and support, and personally insult leaders of the world. One man has made people of his own country angry, and people of the world angry. It scares me to see one man tear down the civilizations of the world. We had faith that the people of planet earth would unite and now we fear that the dream will not come to fruition.

This isn’t just Trump saying Fuck the Earth, its him saying Fuck our Future Generations. The whole point of this was to save thousands of children being deadly harmed today and to save the earth for future generations.

And the people who believe in him are the worst of the human race. Why? Because you are telling your grand-kids and great-grand kids to go fuck themselves.

The McGlynn


President Trump withdraws from the Paris climate accord, making the U.S. one of three nations on earth to not participate in the deal.

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The O'Leary

Isn’t this enough??? IMPEACH NOW!!!

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