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Tuesday 12 June 2012

On the News With Thom Hartmann: GOP Continues to Try Crashing Economy to Sabotage Obama’s Campaign, and More
In today’s On the News segment: The state of Florida announced on Monday that it is filing a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security, British voters are worried their country could be next European country hit by economic crisis, Sen. Jeff Merkley is telling his fellow Democrats in Congress not to budge on letting the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of the year, Republicans are trying to crash the economy so Obama won’t get re-elected, and more.
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Richard D. Wolff | Strategic Lessons in Lost Elections for Workers’ Movements Everywhere
Richard D. Wolff, Truthout: “Last week’s elections in Wisconsin and in San Diego and San Jose, California, brought victories for capitalists’ over workers’ priorities. Majorities of voters endorsed politicians’ plans to ease state and city budget difficulties by cutting public employees’ jobs, wages, pensions and rights to bargain collectively with employers over those crucial dimensions of their lives.”
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Pepper Spraying of Students in Santa Monica
David Bacon, Truthout: “Today, California community colleges charge $36/unit, a fee due to increase to $46 this summer. Those fees have been the subject of strong criticism by students and the California Federation of Teachers … On April 3, as the board was debating a proposal from district President Chui Tsang to institute a system charging much higher fees for some of the classes offered by the community college, thirty students and a four-year-old girl were pepper sprayed outside the meeting room.”
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How the 1% and Transnational Corporations Hijacked Our Political System and What to Do About It
Mark Karlin, Truthout: “Given the frustration at impacting the grip of the plutocracy on the US and our government, let’s start off with the subtitle of your book: ‘Wealth Inequality Is Wrecking the World and What We Can Do About It.’ What are some of the activities individuals can do to create change, because the oligarchs have control of Congress, for the most part, and the backing of a one-vote majority on the Supreme Court?”
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Guantanamo Attorney: Supreme Court’s Refusal to Hear Habeas Cases Invalidates Landmark 2008 Ruling
Jason Leopold, Truthout: “Now what? That’s the question attorneys who represent Guantanamo detainees are asking after the Supreme Court on Monday refused to consider the appeals of seven prisoners, who petitioned the justices to review decisions in their habeas cases made by a conservative appeals court. The decision flies in the face of the court’s 2008 landmark ruling in Boumediene v. Bush, which granted detainees a ‘meaningful opportunity’ to challenge their detentions.”
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Varieties of Gender Harassment
Lyra Hill and Anne Elizabeth Moore, Truthout: “Our last few strips looked at women’s labor in the US generally as well as in media – and then compared this to how women are portrayed in same. Not pretty is it? (Unless you think naked ladies are pretty. OK, you might, but that’s not the point.) This one, by Lyra Hill and Anne Elizabeth Moore, gets specific about how perceptions of women as content in comics could contribute to a hostile work environment – one that affects home life, career longevity and, as we’ll see next week, income.”
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American Citizen Pressured to Become FBI Informant by Placement on No-Fly List
Shirin Sadeghi, Truthout: “It didn’t seem terribly strange to Kevin Iraniha when an FBI agent showed up at his door in August 2011 just after he returned from a whirlwind trip through India, Egypt and Iran. The 27-year-old Iranian American says the agent was ‘very friendly’ and just kept repeating that, ‘You have been to a lot more places than we have and our job is to build relationships, so if you see anything out of the ordinary and since you’re involved in certain things that we’re not involved in, and have expertise in, feel free to come to us without hesitation.’ He even met with the FBI agent once more after that. It didn’t strike him as being a problem until this week.”
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Romney Confirms He Will Deny Insurance to Millions With Pre-Existing Conditions if Health Care Law Is Struck Down
Igor Volsky, ThinkProgress: “Mitt Romney confirmed on Tuesday that he would allow insurers to deny coverage to millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions if the Supreme Court strikes down ‘Obamacare’ later this month. During a speech at Con-Air Industries in Orlando, Florida, the former Massachusetts governor said that Americans who have not been ‘continuously insured’ would not be protected from discrimination if they suffer from pre-existing conditions.”
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Dean Baker | The Debt Is Not a Measure of Generational Burdens
Dean Baker, Truthout: “O.K. folks, today we are going to learn why the national debt tells us nothing about the burdens or benefits that we are bequeathing to future generations. This will require a few minutes of clear thinking, so for the moment put out of your head whatever nonsense you just heard from a politician or economic commentator about the debt or deficit.”
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How Microsoft and Yahoo Are Selling Politicians Access to You
Lois Beckett, ProPublica: “Microsoft and Yahoo are selling political campaigns the ability to target voters online with tailored ads using names, Zip codes and other registration information that users provide when they sign up for free email and other services. The Web giants provide users no notification that their information is being used for political targeting.”
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Paul Krugman | For Euro Zone, Salvation Must Come From Within
Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: “More generally, Europe as a whole, like the United States, remains a relatively closed economy. Its salvation must be mainly internal. Now, if devaluation is a code word that means raising the inflation target, fine. The last time I got to hear the late economist James Tobin, he gave a talk in which he joked that as far as he could tell, all the world’s major currencies needed to devalue against each other. This is sort of one of those times – and what that actually tells you is that we need fiscal and monetary stimulus.”
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The Real Reason the Military Is Going Green
Natalie Pompilio, YES! Magazine: “From the most practical standpoint, the United States cannot afford to ignore climate change or rely heavily on fossil fuels any longer. The question remains, can the weight and pragmatism of military leadership sway political leaders in Washington?”
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Election Countdown 2012: Florida Will File Suit Against Department of Homeland Security, and More
In today’s Election Countdown 2012 news: In Florida’s voter purge, Governor Scott has said that the secretary of state’s office will be filing a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security; Ohio’s House Bill 278 strips local governments of authority over permitting and placement of gas wells; Obama explains his Wisconsin recall no-show; and more.
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Leaking War: How Obama’s Targeted Killings, Leaks and the Everything-Is-Classified State Have Fused
Peter Van Buren, TomDispatch: “White is black and down is up. Leaks that favor the president are shoveled out regardless of national security, while national security is twisted to pummel leaks that do not favor him. Watching their boss, bureaucrats act on their own, freelancing the punishment of whistleblowers, knowing their retaliatory actions will be condoned. The United States rains Hellfire missiles down on its enemies, with the president alone sitting in judgment of who will live and who will die by his hand.”
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John Clay | Where’s My Paycheck and My Democracy?
John Clay, Truthout: “Something is missing. As we wonder why it is so hard to sustain a small business or find a job, why wages are so low and health insurance so expensive, why the economy isn’t working any more for most of us, maybe the first thing to understand is that opportunity and wealth end up in the hands of a few where authority is held in the hands of a few, in other words, where democracy is missing. It is widely acknowledged today that America is just such a place, where wealth is consolidated in the hands of a few and where democracy has gone missing or at least is dangerously diminished.”
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If the Occupy Movement Can Win Over the Ten Poorest Counties in Wisconsin, There Will Be a New American Progressive Revolution
Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: “Did you know that in the recall election, Scott Walker won the ten poorest counties in Wisconsin? According to the director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign (as quoted in a Truthout analysis), these voters ‘used to be reliably Democratic.’ And Walker carried these destitute counties by 13 percent. There’s something wrong with this picture, isn’t there?”
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Maine Study Finds Potentially Disastrous Threat to Single-Celled Plants That Support All Life
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Republicans Actively Sabotaging US Economy to Win Election
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Why Obama Caved In on National Security
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After Giffords Shooting, Violent Rhetoric Trickles Back Into Campaigns
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How Urban Outfitters Peddles Ironic Conservatism, Hipster Racism and Other Terrible Values
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Mitt Romney’s Nonsensical Claim about “Obamacare”
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GOP Representative King Says US Drone Program Is One of “Righteousness and Goodness”
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