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Tuesday 24 April 2012

Greg Palast | Evidence Implicates Top BP Executives
Greg Palast, EcoWatch: “Evidence now implicates top BP executives as well as its partners Chevron and Exxon and the Bush Administration in the deadly cover-up – which included falsifying a report to the Securities Exchange Commission. revealed that, in September 2008, nearly two years before the Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, another BP rig had blown out in the Caspian Sea – which BP concealed from U.S. regulators and Congress. Had BP, Chevron, Exxon or the Bush State Department revealed the facts of the earlier blow-out, it is likely that the Deepwater Horizon disaster would have been prevented.”
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Why You Should Still Care About Chicago’s NATO Summit
Allison Kilkenny, Truthout: “The disturbing aspects of Chicago’s new, buffed-up police presence know no limits. In a Q&A at a business panel held by Secret Service officers and Chicago Police, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said some protesters would be snatched out of crowds by an ‘extraction team.’ This is the tidal wave of authoritarianism protesters face in May, which is why it’s so essential that Americans carefully watch events as they unfold in Chicago. The battle between the 1 percent and the 99 percent is ordinarily unbalanced and unfair – with the rich holding all the political clout and power – but in Chicago this summer, the scales are even further tilted in favor of the global elite.”
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ALEC’s Vision of Pre-Empting EPA Coal Ash Regulations Passes the House
Sara Jerving, PR Watch: “The U.S. House of Representatives passed an amendment on April 18 to the Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2012 (HR 4348) that would effectively pre-empt the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating coal ash, the waste from coal burning plants, as a hazardous waste. About 140 million tons of coal ash are produced by power plants in the United States each year. There are about 1,000 active coal ash storage sites across the country.”
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As FDA Loosens Stranglehold on Research, Studies Use Hallucinogens to Treat Psychiatric Illness
Robert Wilbur, Truthout: “A new wave of research into psychedelic drugs began recently. So far, there have been several important implications for the treatment of PTSD, OCD, and end-of-life anxiety and depression. One important fact is clear: these drugs work differently from conventional psychotropic agents. Why they work the way they work remains to be discovered.”
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Short-Changing the Nation: Retirement Taxes Shield the Affluent
Gerald E. Scorse, Truthout: “Let’s look at some of the ways that Uncle Sam’s generosity has been repaid by outright welshing and systematic nickel and diming. Then, let’s adopt John McCain’s 2008 campaign mantra. Let’s put ‘country first,’ and see how retirement taxes could help cut our record federal deficit. Tens of millions of baby boomers will begin to hit the mandatory retirement account withdrawal age in 2016 – enough time for Congress to make new rules that more fairly enforce the tax payback portion of the retirement account bargain.”
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Paul Krugman | Paul Ryan Tries to Shelter the Rich With Gee-Whiz Economics
Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: “What the right is claiming is that there’s a straight economic, not moral, argument for low taxes on the rich – that going back to Herbert-Hoover-level taxes at the top makes everyone richer. And the only way to support that conclusion is to argue that there are large social benefits to increased efforts from the wealthy that are somehow not equally present when those further down the scale work more or harder.”
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Political Push Continues on Student Loan Interest Rates
David Goldstein, McClatchy Newspapers: “The White House is pushing for an extension of the current interest rate of 3.4 percent. Without it, the rate will climb to 6.8 percent for more than 7 million students across the country, and the average loan recipient would be another $1,000 in debt, according to White House spokesman Matt Lehrich.”
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US Sets New Sanctions Against Technology for Syria and Iran
Peter Baker, The New York Times News Service: “The new measures reflect the rapidly evolving nature of the political struggles in the Middle East. ‘I’m sure countries like Sudan, Syria and others are watching closely what’s happening on Facebook,’ said Michael Abramowitz, director of the Holocaust museum’s Committee on Conscience. ‘They don’t need to send plainclothes men to follow activists anymore. They can follow them online.'”
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Meet the Media Companies Lobbying Against Transparency
Justin Elliott, ProPublica: “The corporate owners or sister companies of some of the biggest names in journalism – NBC News, ABC News, Fox News, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Politico, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and dozens of local TV news outlets – are lobbying against a Federal Communications Commission measure that would require broadcasters to post political ad data on the Internet.”
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Wars of Attrition: Green Zones of the Mind, Guerrillas and a Technical Knockout in Afghanistan
Nick Turse, TomDispatch: “Here’s the ‘lede’ that should have run in every newspaper in America: More than 40 years after the Vietnam War’s Tet Offensive, after more than a decade of war in Afghanistan, even after reviving counterinsurgency doctrine (only to see it crash-and-burn in short order), the U.S. military still doesn’t get it. Think of this as a remarkably unblemished record of ‘failure to understand’ stretching from the 1960s to 2012, and undoubtedly beyond.”
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The Power of Individual Voters to Transform Their Government
William John Cox, Dandelion Salad: “U.S. voters appear to be increasingly powerless to fight the plutocracy which runs their government. As a result, Americans are living in an ever more repressive police state that is illegally committing acts of violent aggression around the world. The only thing that can possibly transform the U.S. government to one that cares for the voters who elect it, rather than for the plutocracy that controls it, is a unified opposition by all of the People, irrespective of their social class or political beliefs.”
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More Secrets on Growing State Surveillance (Video)
Juan Gonzalez and Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: “In part two of our national broadcast exclusive on the growing domestic surveillance state, we speak with National Security Agency whistleblower William Binney and two targeted Americans: Oscar-nominated filmmaker Laura Poitras and hacker Jacob Appelbaum, who has volunteered for WikiLeaks and now works with Tor Project, a nonprofit organization that teaches about internet security.”
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Monsanto Is Bad for the Bees and Bad for Us
Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: “Rather than risk restrictions on GMO crops and mega-toxic pesticides such as Monsanto’s Roundup, Monsanto purchased the company looking into saving bee colonies … In short, a company that was independently looking at the collapse of bee colonies and believed that pesticides and GMO development may be contributory factors is now owned by the primary multinational company that creates those products likely contributing to the bee die-off.”
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Planned Parenthood Worried It Is Target of New Undercover Sting
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First Criminal Charges Filed in BP Oil Spill
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Occupy Joins Forces With Direct Action Badasses, ACT UP
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Controversial Right-Wing Think Tank Vows to Take Up ALEC Voter Suppression Work
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Hush Money: Is Scott Walker Providing Aid to Wisconsin GOP Cronies Charged With Crimes?
Read the Article at PolitiScoop

Bad Energy Policy Endangers Our Environment, but Big Money Endangers Our Entire Political Process
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A Vote for Universal Registration
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Iowa Paper Devotes Front Page to Fighting Bullying
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