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Truth Out Today, August 14, 2012

Romney’s Death Squad Ties: Bain Launched With Millions From Oligarchs Behind Salvadoran Atrocities

Goodman, Democracy NOW!:
“After initially struggling to find investors,
Romney traveled to Miami in 1983 to win pledges of $9 million, 40 percent of
Bain’s start-up money. Some investors had extensive ties to the death squads
responsible for the vast majority of the tens of thousands of deaths in El
Salvador during the 1980s.”

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Rivers Pitt | Pudd’nhead Mitt and the Great Giveaway

Rivers Pitt, Truthout:
“The decision to add Paul Ryan to the Republican
presidential campaign has, once and for all time, exposed the limp, rudderless
vacancy that is the core essence of Willard Mitt Romney…. By tapping Ryan, and
thus agreeing to take on the fourteen years of far-right baggage Ryan brings
with him, Romney has all but announced to the world that he is folding his hand
and ceding control of the party to the whacked-out denizens of his right

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for Paid Sick Days in New York Aims to Support Working Women

Kunichoff, Truthout:
“The lack of paid sick days affects all working
people who are forced to ignore sore throats and runny noses for fear of being
fired, but it disproportionately affects women. Concentrated in industries like
caregiving and food service, and most likely to have to stay home if a child is
ill, women also risk the most economically when forced to take an unplanned and
unpaid sick day.”

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Hedges | After Latest NDAA Challenge Hearing, Thoughts on the Criminalization of Dissent

Hedges, Truthdig:
“In last week’s proceeding, the judge, who appeared
from her sharp questioning of government attorneys likely to nullify [section
1021 of the NDAA], cited the forced internment of Japanese-Americans during
World War II as a precedent she did not want to follow.”

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Casino Mogul and GOP Donor Sheldon Adelson’s Frontman in China Is Focus of

Luo, Neil Gough and Edward Wong, The New York Times News Service:
Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate, needed something done in China, he often
turned to his company’s ‘chief Beijing representative,’ a mysterious businessman
named Yang Saixin…. But today, Mr. Yang … is a focus of a wide-ranging
federal investigation into potential bribery of foreign officials … The
investigations are unfolding as Mr. Adelson has become an increasing presence in
this year’s presidential election, contributing at least $35 million to
Republican groups.”

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We All Need Heroes

Leslie Thatcher interviews author Peter Dreier:
“The radical ideas of
one generation have become the common sense of the next…. Unless we know this
history, we will have little understanding of how far we have come, how we got
here, and what still needs to change to make America (and the rest of the world)
more livable, humane, and democratic.”

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 We’re Still Arming the King of Bahrain? There Oughta Be a Law!

Naiman, Truthout:
“The Arms Sale Responsibility Act would prohibit US
arms sales to a government unless the president certifies that the government is
not engaging in gross violations of internationally recognized human rights,
including the use of excessive force against unarmed protesters; systematic
official discrimination on the basis of race, religion or ethnicity; or blocking
the free functioning of human rights organizations.”

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Jim Hightower | Drone on the Range

Hightower, OtherWords:
“The pilotless, remote-controlled planes that
the CIA uses to spy on and bomb people in Pakistan and elsewhere are headed to
our local police departments.”

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America’s Attention Deficit Disorder

Korten, YES! Magazine:
“The key point, which the deficit debates rarely
address, is that one person or entity’s financial debt is another person or
entity’s financial asset. We can only borrow money from each other. The idea
that we borrow money from the future is an illusion.”

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Dean Baker | Paul Ryan’s Far-Right Agenda: The Media Can’t Take the

Baker, Truthout:
“[T]o imply that Ryan is some sort of stringent
free-market fundamentalist would be far too generous. Representative Ryan has
never expressed any discomfort with the numerous forms of government
intervention that redistribute income upward to those at the very top.”

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Bill Moyers | In Paul Ryan, the Right at Last Has Their Man

Moyers, Moyers & Company:
“This was never Romney’s party, and
without Karl Rove’s shadowy money behind him, he would not have survived the
primaries…. But in Paul Ryan, the Golden Boy from Janesville who schooled
himself in the ideology of right-wing think tanks inside the Beltway, they
finally have one of their own – a true believer for the new Gilded Age.”

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: Boston Airport Security Staff Instructed to Racially Profile Passengers, and More

today’s On the News segment:
The Department of Justice announced Friday
it would not press charges against Goldman Sachs, the FBI is investigating
another possible hate crime against Muslims in Chicago, a massive surveillance
system known as “Trapwire” is up and running in major American cities, and

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