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Truth Out Today, Thursday 8 December 2011


On the News With Thom Hartmann: Republicans Passed Legislation to Veto Executive
Regulation Orders, and More

In today’s On the News segment:
More than 100 people were arrested in “Take Back the Capitol” day, the euro may
become obsolete, Elizabeth Warren leads in the Massachusetts Senate race, and
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Occupy the Police State
Leopold, Truthout: “Important questions have been raised about what role, if
any, the federal government has played in dismantling the Occupy encampments
around the country and what the protesters and civil liberties groups say is
ultimately an attempt to stifle dissent … ‘It’s eerily disturbing how history
is once again repeating itself. Law enforcement is beginning to look
increasingly like a civilian branch of the military and local government
officials trample upon the rights of citizens and doing so in ways that are
becoming more violent.'”
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Blocks Obama Choice for Consumer Panel

John H. Cushman Jr.,
New York Times News Service: “The Senate on Thursday blocked President Obama’s
nominee to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, as filibustering
Republicans who oppose the very powers of the new agency successfully challenged
one of the administration’s main responses to the financial crisis. Senator
Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, said his party had made
clear for months that it would not approve a leader for the watchdog consumer
agency until the law that established it was amended.”
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Angeles and Occupy LA Agree: It’s Time to End Corporate

Brooke Jarvis, YES! Magazine: “On December 3, just
two days before Occupy L.A. was evicted by police, the General Assembly of the
occupation passed a unanimous resolution calling for a constitutional amendment
to end corporate personhood. Today, the City Council of Los Angeles also voted,
also unanimously, for a resolution making the same appeal … When L.A. and
Occupy L.A. are making the same unanimous demand, it’s clear that the desire to
take on corporate power in politics is gaining traction.”
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The Wars
of the One Percent

William J. Astore, TomDispatch: “…
Afghanistan and Iraq were wars of choice, not wars of necessity…. we’ve chosen
to create a ‘warrior’ or ‘war fighter’ caste in this country, which we send with
few concerns and fewer qualms to prosecute Washington’s foreign wars of
choice…. Here’s an American fact: the 99% are far too remote from our wars of
choice and those who fight them. To reclaim the latter, we must end the former.
And that’s a war of necessity that has to be fought – and won.”
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Wall Street’s Hunger Strikers

J.A. Myerson, Truthout: “Three
Wall Street occupiers began a hunger strike Saturday, demanding that Trinity
Church lend a vacant lot it owns to Occupy Wall Street. The protest, recently
dispossessed of Zuccotti Park, which had been its home for nearly two months,
wants a temporary plot elsewhere, and is petitioning Trinity to let it use its
land…. Eventually everyone needs food, and if Trinity Church wants to make
sure these young people get fed, all it has to do is offer them space it’s not
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Durban Talks, Government Officials Fiddle as Planet

Laura Carlsen, Foreign Policy in Focus: “Government
representatives, gathered at climate change talks in Durban, South Africa, have
been fiddling for the past week…. Durban, like Cancun, in the end will be
mostly just another global showcase for this clash of worldviews…. One of the
most important steps will be to broaden the focus from once-a-year meetings in
high-carbon conference centers, to the fields, communities and town halls where
alternatives are already growing and a stronger political consensus can be built
from the bottom up.”
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Future of the Occupy Movement

Jules Lobel, Jurist: “The
Occupy Movement, which has already been hugely successful in thrusting issues of
inequality and corporate power into the public discourse, faces a critical
juncture…. Hopefully OWS can … combine its democratic, egalitarian origins
with audacious, ongoing direct action, an overall narrative that continues to
express values of solidarity, equality and democracy, and political independence
and survive as a model of how a just society would operate. If OWS can do so …
it will have made a major contribution, not simply to transforming the public
dialogue, but to birthing a new society.”
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E.J. Dionne Jr. | Obama’s New Square

E.J. Dionne Jr., The Washington Post Writers Group: “For
months, progressives have asked why Obama wasn’t invoking the populist language
of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his attacks on ‘economic royalists’ and ‘the
privileged princes’ of ‘new economic dynasties.’ What progressives often forget
is that FDR offered these words only when his first term was almost over….
Roosevelt did not become a full-throated economic populist until the election
was upon him – and only after he was pressed by a left and a labor movement that
demanded more of him.”
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The US
National Security Smokescreen

Nancy Goldstein, The Guardian
UK: “Nearly eight months after the original FOIA request, the State Department
has finally released … 11 cables…. Administration officials unleashed plenty
of hyperbole and hysteria when the cables were first published. But … none of
the information … actually endangered American citizens, allies or informants.
They did, however, prove embarrassing for the US and many foreign leaders.
Because it turned out that claims about national security were often an excuse
to prevent us from seeing our government engaged in unethical, unconstitutional
and, sometimes, illegal practices.”
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Embarrass My Moneyed Friends! As Fundraising for Congress Goes Up, Hearings Go

Dina Rasor, Truthout: “A logical explanation of why true
oversight hearings have continued to decline is that there is less and less
stomach to hold hearings that would expose and embarrass powerful corporations
and individuals who would or could become a steady source of campaign money….
Meanwhile, as more and more of the federal government is contracted out to major
corporations, there is less interest in exposing fraud, waste and abuse in
contracting, favoritism in contract selection, and other forms of cronyism such
as the revolving door.”
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Abortion Corporate

Eleanor J. Bader, Truthout: “Long before
Merle Hoffman found her niche as a provider of reproductive health care … she
became involved in the pro-choice movement, Hoffman reports ongoing power
struggles between male doctors and female staff…. This enabled Hoffman to
become better attuned to the patronizing attitudes of doctors toward their
female patients…. she became aware that ‘the metaphoric role of physicians as
surrogate fathers and deities resulted in them communicating in a kind of code,
a language that only the members of the brotherhood spoke and understood.'”

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Power and Democracy: Before and During the Presidency of George W.

Andrew Kolin, Palgrave Macmillan: “With the recent
emergence of the nationwide ‘Occupy’ movement in the United States, there is
reason to hope that a mass-based progressive movement could develop to challenge
the power of an American police state…. One obvious question must be asked:
what is the future of the American police state? If history tells us anything
about police states, it is that they all eventually crumble, in large part,
because over time, they become dysfunctional.”
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Jessica Valenti | The Politics of Plan B

Jessica Valenti, The Media Education Foundation: This
clip, from the new film ‘The Purity Myth,’ explores the politics of making Plan
B available without a prescription.”
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