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Truth Out Today, Tuesday 10 July 2012


On the News With Thom Hartmann: Rick Perry Announces He Will Refuse to Expand Medicaid
to Cover 1.2 Million More Low-Income Texans
In today’s On the
News segment: The Libor rate-fixing scandal could grow, Rick Perry announces he
will refuse to cover 1.2 million more low-income Texans, Democrats are fighting
back against the avalanche of secret corporate cash being used against them this
election cycle, and more.
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The McGlynn: Damn them! Damn them! Called them “Wall Street Whores” years ago and I was damn right!

America the Beautiful: A Fire Sale for Foreign Corporations
Dr. Brian Moench,
Truthout: “This may be one of the most important stories ever ignored by the
so-called ‘lame-stream, liberal’ media. It’s unlikely you’re losing sleep over
US trade negotiations, but the unfolding business agreement among the US and
eight Pacific nations – the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – should cause every
US citizen, from the Sierra Club to the Tea Party to get their pitch forks and
torches out of the closet and prepare to ‘storm the Bastille.'”
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Can a Financial Transactions Tax Work in America? An FTT FAQ
Salvatore Babones, Truthout: “As the world struggles with
economic challenges, governments everywhere are cutting back on services and
seeking new forms of revenue. One of the most talked about new ideas for raising
revenue is the financial transactions tax (FTT). Debate over a European FTT
dominated June’s European Union summit, while in the United States, civil
society groups kicked off a major new FTT campaign.”
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Apologies to Mexico: The Drug Trade and Gross National Pain
Rebecca Solnit, TomDispatch: “I apologize. There are so
many things I could apologize for, from the way the U.S. biotech corporation
Monsanto has contaminated your corn to the way Arizona and Alabama are
persecuting your citizens, but right now I’d like to apologize for the drug war,
the 10,000 waking nightmares that make the news and the rest that don’t.”
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Bank Scandal Turns Spotlight to Regulators
Ben Protess and Mark
Scott, The New York Times: “As big banks face the fallout from a global
investigation into interest rate manipulation, American and British lawmakers
are scrutinizing regulators who failed to take action that might have prevented
years of illegal activity. Politicians in both London and Washington are
questioning whether regulators allowed banks to report false rates in the run-up
to the 2008 financial crisis and afterward.”
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New Study: Fluids From Marcellus Shale Likely Seeping Into Pennsylvania Drinking

Abrahm Lustgarten, ProPublica: “New research has
concluded that salty, mineral-rich fluids deep beneath Pennsylvania’s natural
gas fields are likely seeping upward thousands of feet into drinking water
supplies. Though the fluids were natural and not the byproduct of drilling or
hydraulic fracturing, the finding further stokes the red-hot controversy over
fracking in the Marcellus Shale, suggesting that drilling waste and chemicals
could migrate in ways previously thought to be impossible.”
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Why Are Women and Transgender Comic Creators Getting Less of the Pie?
Nicole Boyett and Anne Elizabeth Moore, Truthout: “Two
big charges follow all number-crunching on gender in media: that women don’t
make work as often as men, and that women don’t submit work to publishers at the
same rates as men. We kill both arguments dead in this strip … which shows
that men make up only 54 percent of comics creators, and submit work at
approximately the same rates as women.”
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Will World Population Day Open the Gates to Coercive Contraception?
Betsy Hartmann, Truthout: “On July 11, World
Population Day, the British government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
are hosting an international Family Planning Summit in London to launch an
ambitious $4 billion contraceptive program initiated by Melinda Gates. Its aim
is to get 120 million poor women, mainly in Africa and South Asia, access to
modern contraception as well as to stimulate research into new birth control
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Paul Krugman | For Europe’s Leaders, the Solution Remains Elusive
Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: “The European Union
summit in June was clearly an upside surprise: in effect, the Latin bloc forced
German Chancellor Angela Merkel to bend, at least slightly…. The main
substantive thing was the agreement in principle to set up something more or
less like a European version of the Troubled Asset Relief Program in the United
States, in which funds for bank recapitalization will be supplied by a
consortium rather than lent to governments already overburdened with debt.”

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Inequality Rises as Union Numbers Decline
Lauren Feeney, Moyers & Co.: “By now, we’ve all
heard about the growing disparity between rich and poor – and most of us have
felt the effects. This chart, posted by Colin Gordon of the Economic Policy
Institute, shows how income inequality corresponds to the rise and fall of union
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Eugene Robinson | The GOP’s Crime Against Voters
Eugene Robinson,
The Washington Post Writers Group: “Spare us any more hooey about ‘preventing
fraud’ and ‘protecting the integrity of the ballot box.’ The Republican-led
crusade for voter ID laws is revealed as a cynical ploy to disenfranchise as
many likely Democratic voters as possible, with poor people and minorities the
main targets.”
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Suffocating Austerity: The West’s Folly in Greece Repeats Old Patterns
Evaggelos Vallianatos, Truthout: “Not only did the
Greek politicians impose an austerity program which reduced the living standards
of the Greek people significantly, increasing suicides by 40 percent and
unemployment by more than 20 percent, but they agreed to such barbarous terms
for the foreseeable future, all but guaranteeing the impoverishment,
colonization and eventual slavery of Greece.”
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Mitt in the Hamptons: Let Them Eat Road

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: “This past weekend
in the Hamptons, the gluttonous orgy of Romney campaign fundraising among
America’s Marie Antoinette crowd was so brazenly contemptuous of
non-millionaires that the only thing missing was a raffle prize for an offshore
bank account in the Cayman Islands.”
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Romney in the Hamptons: The View From Outside the
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“Money in, People Out”: The Twin Pillars of the GOP’s 2012
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Buy American: General Motors Will Slash Outsourcing in IT
Read the Article at Information

Wall Street Executives Believe Employees Need to Engage in Illegal
Behavior to Succeed
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Without GOP, Unemployment Would Be Under 6 Percent
Read the Article at AlterNet

Obama’s Camp Makes Aggressive Push for Romney to Disclose Offshore
Read the Article at The New York

Read the Fine Print: The Republicans’ Crazy Party
Read the Article at The Daily

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