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United States Wars, News and Casualties

United States Wars, News and Casualties


The Criminals

The war criminals of the Bush regime lied and fabricated evidence to go to war.

Bush,Cheney,Rice,Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Powell are war criminals and today they are enjoying freedom.

The thousands dead, the region in chaos, the creation of Islamic State and the trillions of dollars cost and for what? The worst of all is that they were so desperate for war that they had no plans for peace.

So where are the protests and demonstrations today in the US to bring Bush, Chaney, Wolfowitz, Rice, Powell andRumsfeld to Justice? There are none. There has been none. And now the US people ask – why do we have so many enemies and why do peoples from other cultures hate us?

We condemned children to death, some after many days of writhing in pain on bloodstained mats, without pain relievers. Some died quickly, wasted by missing arms and legs, crushed heads. As the fluids ran out of their bodies, they appeared like withered, spoiled fruits. They could have lived, certainly should have lived – and laughed and danced, and run and played- but instead they were brutally murdered. Yes, murdered!

The war ended for those children, but it has never ended for survivors who carry memories of them. Likewise, the effects of the U.S. bombings continue, immeasurably and indefensibly.

The McGlynn


War News


This data is based on 51,544 database entries from the beginning of the war to 28 Feb 2017, and on monthly preliminary data from that date onwards. Preliminary data is shown in grey when applicable, and is based on approximate daily totals in the Recent Events section prior to full analysis. The full analysis extracts details such as the names or demographic details of individuals killed, the weapons that killed them and location amongst other details. The current range contains 36,537–38,380 deaths (20%–19%, a portion which may rise or fall over time) based on single-sourced reports.

Graphs are based on the higher number in our totals. Gaps in recording and reporting suggest that even our highest totals to date may be missing many civilian deaths from violence.

Total Dollar Cost of War>>

Cost of War in Iraq>>

Cost of War in Afghanistan>>

Cost of Military Action Against ISIS>>

REU: The Battle against Islamic State

(Reuters) – It was an awkward coalition riven by political and sectarian differences, facing an elusive, fanatical enemy dug into an urban maze of narrow streets and alleyways. So, could Iraq’s government really deliver on its vow to vanquish Islamic State?

A man cries as he carries his daughter while walking from an Islamic State-controlled part of Mosul towards Iraqi special forces soldiers during a battle in Mosul, Iraq, March 4, 2017. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic/File Photo

In the end, the army, Shi‘ite Muslim paramilitaries and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters mustered rare unity to end Islamic State’s reign of terror in Iraq’s second city Mosul, seat of the ultra-hardline Sunni insurgents’ “caliphate”.

Baghdad’s victory in July 2017 after nine months of fighting was the coup de grace for the caliphate and came three years after a jihadist juggernaut seized one third of Iraq.

But even with supportive U.S. air strikes, Baghdad’s triumph came at a devastating cost for the once-vibrant, multicultural city in northern Iraq and the surrounding region…………….Turkey views the political rise of Syria’s Kurds as a threat to its national security and is fiercely opposed to the idea of Kurdish autonomy on its doorstep.

The Kurdish groups who led the fight against Islamic State in its former capital Raqqa must now navigate a complex peace to avoid ethnic tension with the city’s Arab majority and to secure critical U.S. aid.

So, life for Raqqa’s victors will remain fraught with risk.

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AP: Saudi strikes pound Yemeni capital after ex-president slain

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Heavy airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition pounded Yemen’s capital overnight, targeting Sanaa’s densely populated neighborhoods in apparent retaliation for the killing of the former Yemeni president by the country’s Shiite rebels, residents said.

The body of ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh, which had appeared in a video by the militias with a gaping head wound, was taken to the city’s military rebel-controlled hospital but it was not immediately clear if the rebels would allow Saleh’s family to hold a funeral later in the day.

The gruesome images from the previous day sent shockwaves among Saleh’s followers — a grisly end recalling that of his contemporary, Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi, in 2011.

Saleh’s son Salah said on Facebook on Tuesday that he won’t receive condolences for his father’s death until “after avenging the blood” of the longtime strongman. Salah also urged his father’s followers to fight their former allies, the Shiite rebels known as Houthis.

From Cairo, Arab League chief Ahmed Aboul-Gheit issued a statement Tuesday denouncing Saleh’s “assassination” at the hands of “criminal militias,” and warned Yemen’s situation could explode further and worsen humanitarian crisis. The League spokesman, Mahmoud Afifi, quoted Aboul-Gheit as saying the international community should label the Houthis a “terrorist” organization…………….The fighting has brought new suffering to Sanaa’s residents; many said the night was shattered by the sounds of gunfire and children screaming.

Witnesses said the bodies of slain civilians and fighters littered the streets as no ambulances were able to reach the area.

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REU: Fiercest clashes yet in Sanaa, Yemen casualties growing: ICRC

GENEVA (Reuters) – Fighting in Yemen’s capital has intensified, with the known toll from three hospitals reaching at least 125 killed and 238 wounded in the past six days, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Monday.

Saudi-led coalition warplanes struck at Houthi militia positions in Yemen’s capital Sanaa for a second day on Monday in support of ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, a former Houthi ally who has now renounced his alliance with the Iranian-backed group.

Residents are trapped in their homes, many lacking provisions, with the sick, wounded and pregnant women often unable to reach hospitals, ICRC spokeswoman Iolanda Jaquemet said.

The ICRC supplies three large hospitals in the Yemeni capital – Al Thawra, Al Jumhouri and Al Kuwait – which urgently need kits for treating war-wounded, she said.

“According to the hospitals we are in touch with, the clashes have claimed the lives of 125 people and wounded 238,” she said.

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REU: Bus bomb kills eight in Syria’s Homs city: state media

BEIRUT (Reuters) – A bomb blast killed eight people and injured 16 others on a bus in Syria’s Homs on Tuesday, state media said, citing the city’s health authority.

Islamic State claimed the attack, saying the blast killed 11 members of the Syrian army, its official news agency AMAQ said.

Many of the passengers were university students, Homs Governor Talal Barazi told state-run Ikhbariya TV. The blast in the government-held city hit the Akrama district, near al-Baath university.

Footage showed people crowding around the burned shell of a vehicle in the middle of a street. State television said “a bomb that terrorists planted in a passenger bus exploded”.

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IraqiNews: Popular Mobilization Forces discover Islamic State camp in Salahuddin

Salahuddin ( Popular Mobilization Forces (PMFs) discovered on Tuesday an Islamic State camp in Salahuddin province, Alforat News reported.

“The PMF’s 11th brigade found a training camp of Islamic State militant group at As Siniyah city in Salahuddin province,” the PMF media office said in a statement.

“Also, the paramilitary troops found a workshop that was used by IS militants for making bombs and booby-trapping vehicles,” the statement added.

In mid-November, the Iraqi army announced the launch of an offensive to clear the desert bordering Syria of IS militants.

Army, police and paramilitary units are taking part in the operation, which aim at clearing provinces of Salahuddin, Nineveh and Anbar provinces that form part of a region known as al-Jazirah, from Islamic State.

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IraqiNews: 3 people killed, injured in two bomb blasts in Baghdad

Baghdad ( Two persons were killed while another was injured in two bomb blasts in Baghdad on Tuesday, a security source told Baghdad Today.

“An explosive charge fixed into a car of an employee of the Electricity Ministry went off at al-Rashad neighborhood in Baghdad, killing him immediately,” the source said.

“Another bomb exploded near the industrial zone at al-Zaidan area in Abu Gharib city west of Baghdad, killing one person and injuring another,” the source added.

A total of 117 Iraqi civilians were killed and another 264 injured in acts of terrorism, violence and armed conflict in Iraq in November, according to casualty figures recorded by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) on Sunday.

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IraqiNews: MP: U.S. forces freed 1200 Iraqis from Islamic State

Baghdad ( U.S. forces have freed 1200 Iraqis from Islamic State captivity, the head of an Iraqi parliament committee said Tuesday, noting that they are currently held at Muthanna province.

Alghad Press website quoted Abdul-Rahim al-Shamri, chairman of the human rights committee, saying “we have received information from Iraqis detained by Daesh(Islamic State) that they were freed by U.S. forces.

“The information we have is that the Iraqi detainees are with the U.S. forces at al-Muthanna airport”, Shamri said, noting that the committee was about to verify the reports.

“The number of detainees is 1200, including 700 chieftains, former army commanders and security personnel,” he said.

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AP: Rights group: IS suspects face violations in Iraqi custody

BAGHDAD (AP) — Thousands of people suspected of having ties to the Islamic State group are facing widespread rights violations in Iraqi custody, a leading international rights group said Tuesday.

Human Rights Watch says some 20,000 people are believed to be in Iraqi custody on suspicion of ties to IS. Many are held in inhumane detention facilities and not granted due process, according to the watchdog’s 76-page report based on information gathered in Irbil, Nineveh and Baghdad from November 2016 to July 2017.

As Iraqi ground forces backed by the U.S.-led coalition have slowly retaken nearly all of the territory once held by IS since 2014, thousands of men, women and children suspected of having ties to the group have been arrested and detained.

The prisoners have overwhelmed Iraq’s already weak judicial system.

Screening processes are flawed, many detainees are being held in inhumane conditions and suspects are largely being tried under broad counterterrorism laws with harsh sentences, the HRW report stated.

An innocent person wrongfully identified as an IS member in the screening process “may spend months in mass arbitrary detention during the course of their judicial investigation,” the New York-based group found.

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RFE: Explainer: Taliban ‘Special Forces Unit’ Bursts Into Spotlight With Deadly Attacks

On the increasingly crowded battlefields of Afghanistan, a feared, commando-style Taliban unit is gaining attention for a series spectacular, deadly attacks on Afghan security forces.

Known as “Sara Kheta” — Red Unit or Danger Unit in Pashto — it is said to be the Taliban’s elite special-forces group. Unlike regular Taliban fighters, analysts say the outfit is better trained and armed and is sent on special operations targeting bases and posts of the Afghan National Army and police force.

The so-called Red Unit’s rise has raised concerns among government forces struggling to fend off the Taliban since the withdrawal of NATO troops in 2014 and suffering record casualty rates on the battlefield.

When did it emerge?

The first mention of a Taliban “special-forces unit” was in June 2015, when Taliban fighters published photos on social media purportedly showing a training camp where recruits were being trained on heavy machine guns and antiaircraft guns………………………

How is it different from other Taliban units?

“What distinguishes this force from other fighting units is its intensive and longer training, the degree of vetting, its tactics, weapons and equipment, and structure,” says Borhan Osman, senior Afghanistan analyst at the International Crisis Group (ICG).

“The unit is mainly used for quick interventions, high-value targets, special operations, or offensives such as capturing a highly strategic area, breaking major sieges of regular Taliban forces, jailbreaks, and escorting important leaders,” Osman adds.

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NATO supports US commander’s message to Taliban to ‘reconcile or die’

The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said the alliance supports the recent message of the NATO and US forces commander General John Nicholson to the Taliban to ‘reconcile or die’. Speaking to reporters in Brussels, Stoltenberg said ” I support the message from United States, from NATO, which we convey together, and that is

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125 out of 128 attacks coordinated from Afghanistan, claims Pak minister

Pakistan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Khawaja Asif has claimed that the majority of the attacks carried out in Pakistan have been coordinated from Afghanistan. Asif said the issue was raised with the delegation of the US officials led by Secretary of Defense James Mattis who arrived in Pakistan on Monday. According to Asif, 125 out

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Taliban loses more senior leaders after Red Unit leader’s death in Helmand

The Taliban group has lost two more senior local leaders in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan after the killing of the commander of the Red Unit of the group. The provincial government media office in Helmand in a statement said at least nine Taliban insurgents including two senior local leaders of the group were killed

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Al-Qaeda’s top leader among at least 80 killed in Afghan-US operations

A top leader of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network has been killed along with at least 80 other militants during the operations of the Afghan and US forces. The Afghan Intelligence, National Directorate of Security (NDS), the militants were killed during the operations conducted in Ghazni, Zabul, and Paktia provinces. According to NDS, the senior Al-Qaeda

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Recent Casualties

Color Denotes Today’s Confirmation

The Department of Defense announced today the death of a Soldier who was supporting Operation Inherent Resolve.

Cpl. Todd L. McGurn, of Riverside, California, died Nov. 25, 2017, in Baghdad, Iraq as a result of a non-combat related incident.  He was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss, Texas. The incident is under investigation.


The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Freedom’s Sentinel.

Sgt. 1st Class Hughton O. Brown, 43, of Brooklyn, New York died Nov. 14 in Camp Buehring, Kuwait, as a result of a non-combat related incident. He was assigned to the 306th Engineer Company, 411th Engineer Brigade, Farmingdale, New York. The incident is under investigation.


DOD: The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Inherent Resolve.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Lee M. Smith, 35, of Arlington, Texas, died Nov. 11 at Camp Taji, Iraq, due to injuries sustained from a non-combat related incident. He was assigned to the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, KY. The incident is under investigation.


The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Freedom’s Sentinel.

Sgt. First Class Stephen B. Cribben, 33, of Simi Valley, California, died Nov. 4 in Logar Province, Afghanistan as a result of wounds sustained while engaged in combat operations. He was assigned to 2d Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group, Fort Carson, Colorado. The incident is under investigation.

Iraq Coalition Casualties: Military Fatalities By Name>>


Afghanistan Coalition Casualties: Military Fatalities By Name>>

Care for Veterans:

PTSD: National Center for PTSDPTSD Care for Veterans, Military, and FamiliesSee Help for Veterans with PTSD to learn how to enroll for VA health care and get an assessment.

All VA Medical Centers provide PTSD care, as well as many VA clinics.Some VA’s have programs specializing in PTSD treatment. Use the VA PTSD ProgramLocator to find a PTSD program.If you are a war Veteran, find a Vet Center to help with the transition from military to civilian life.

Call the 24/7 Veteran Combat Call Center1-877-WAR-VETS (1-877-927-8387) to talk to another combat Veteran.DoD’s Defense Centers of Excellence (DCoE) 24/7 Outreach Center for Psychological Health & Traumatic Brain Injury provides information and helps locate resources.

Call 1-866-966-1020 or email resources@dcoeoutreach.orgMilitary OneSourceCall 24/7 for counseling and many resources 1-800-342-9647.Need further assistance? Get Help with VA PTSD Care

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