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United States Wars, News and Casualties

United States Wars, News and Casualties


The War Criminals

The war criminals of the Bush regime lied and fabricated evidence to go to war.

Bush,Cheney,Rice,Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Powell are war criminals and today they are enjoying freedom.

The thousands dead, the region in chaos, the creation of Islamic State and the trillions of dollars cost and for what? The worst of all is that they were so desperate for war that they had no plans for peace.

So where are the protests and demonstrations today in the US to bring Bush, Chaney, Wolfowitz, Rice, Powell and Rumsfeld to Justice? There are none. There has been none. And now the US people ask – why do we have so many enemies and why do peoples from other cultures hate us?

Shaima Naif’s daughter, Jannat, who was killed in Mosul

We condemned children to death, some after many days of writhing in pain on bloodstained mats, without pain relievers. Some died quickly, wasted by missing arms and legs, crushed heads. As the fluids ran out of their bodies, they appeared like withered, spoiled fruits. They could have lived, certainly should have lived – and laughed and danced, and run and played- but instead they were brutally murdered. Yes, murdered!

The war ended for those children, but it has never ended for survivors who carry memories of them. Likewise, the effects of the U.S. bombings continue, immeasurably and indefensibly.

The McGlynn


War News

GUARD: UN outrage at Syrian suffering: ‘We can no longer stay silent’

Humanitarian coordinator Panos Moumtzis calls for ceasefire to ease ‘dramatic deterioration’

A man and his children at a camp for internally displaced people in Batabu, Syria, January 2018. Photograph: Omar Haj Kadour/AFP/Getty Images

The scale of suffering across Syria has reached unprecedented levels, with access to aid blocked in three major population centres, growing displacement and more than 13 million people in need across the country, the UN has said.

The organisation called on Tuesday for a one-month ceasefire to ease what it described as an “extreme situation” that “we haven’t seen before” at any point during the war, which is soon to enter its eighth year. The conflict has been marked by a mass exodus of Syrian citizens, sieges, starvation and a death toll that surpassed 500,000 people in 2016.

The UN’s assistant secretary general and humanitarian coordinator in Syria, Panos Moumtzis, said the organisation had been almost powerless to respond to a “dramatic deterioration in the humanitarian situation” over the past two months in particular, when access to people in opposition areas had been blocked by Syrian government officials.

The siege had been most acute in East Ghouta on the outskirts of Damascus, where 400,000 people – 94% of all those under regime blockade – have not received deliveries of food, water or medicine since late November. Ghouta, an opposition stronghold throughout the conflict, has been heavily bombed by Russian and Syrian jets for the past month, as both allies attempt to press home their recent gains elsewhere.

Up to 88 civilians were killed by airstrikes on Monday and Tuesday alone, local medics and activists said, as a campaign to break resolve in remaining opposition areas continued unabated.

Activists and doctors said those figures had risen as rescue workers uncovered more civilians buried under the rubble. In eastern Ghouta alone, activists said the death toll had risen to 78 people on Tuesday.

“Half of yesterday’s dead were women and children,” said one doctor in eastern Ghouta……………..Alaa al-Ahmad, 27, from East Ghouta, said: “Even throughout Sochi the regime committed massacres; even as we speak they’re committing massive crimes. We are surprised that another conference is being set for next month. Can’t they see it is being built upon ours and our children’s blood?”

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BBC: Syria war: UN calls for truce as government pounds rebel enclave

The UN has appealed for an immediate ceasefire in Syria, as the government intensified its bombardment of a besieged rebel enclave near Damascus.

UN officials said they needed at least a month to deliver aid to conflict zones and evacuate the critically ill.

Their call came as air strikes reportedly killed 80 people in the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta on Tuesday.

UN war crimes experts also said they were investigating reports of bombs containing chlorine being used there.

Medics, opposition activists and Western powers say government forces have used the toxic chemical in six attacks in the past 30 days in the Eastern Ghouta and the town of Saraqeb, in the rebel-held north-western province of Idlib.

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GUARD: Biggest airstrikes in a year hit Syria after rebels shoot down Russian jet

United Nations calls for one-month truce to allow aid to reach hundreds of thousands of civilians in Idlib province

Russian and Syrian jets have bombed towns and villages across north-west Syria, devastating civilian areas and forcing fresh waves of refugees to flee to open ground in the biggest aerial blitz on opposition-held areas since the fall of Aleppo more than a year ago.

Monitoring groups said as many as 150 airstrikes beginning on Sunday were recorded in Idlib province by Monday, with dozens more pounding up to 18 towns across the region by nightfall. At least three people were killed on Tuesday morning in the village of Termala, the monitors said.

Residential areas have borne the brunt of the strikes, which severely damaged at least two major hospitals, and levelled dozens of buildings in which panicked locals had taken shelter. Medics claimed nine people were treated for symptoms of chlorine exposure after a bomb was dropped on the town of Saraqeb by a helicopter.

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REU: Russia, Turkey and Iran presidents do not rule out meeting over Syria

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani are in regular contact to discuss the conflict in Syria, the Kremlin said on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters on a phone call on Wednesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov added that the leaders do not rule out the possibility of an in-person meeting on the topic, though no plans are currently in place.

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REU: Israel warplanes target Syria military position: Syrian state TV

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Israeli warplanes struck a Syrian military position in a rural area near Damascus on Wednesday, triggering Syria’s air defense system which destroyed most of the missiles, a Syrian army statement carried by state television said.

The statement said several missiles were launched by the Israeli jets from inside the territory of neighboring Lebanon at 03:42 am local time.

“The general command of the armed forces holds Israel fully responsible for the dangerous consequences of its repeated, aggressive and uncalculated adventures,” the army statement said.

In Jerusalem, an Israeli military spokeswoman said: “We do not respond to such reports.”

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REU: Iran-backed Iraqi groups urge full U.S. withdrawal, hardliners threaten attacks

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Two Iraqi Shi‘ite groups backed by Iran are demanding all U.S. forces leave Iraq, opposing plans by Baghdad and Washington to retain some in training and advisory roles.

But Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told reporters U.S. forces were needed “to completely finish the job” of destroying Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

An Iraqi government spokesman said on Monday U.S. forces – who number more than 5,000 – had begun reducing their numbers but some would remain.

The Badr Organization, a Shi‘ite group with a minister in Abadi’s government in charge of the interior said any remaining U.S. troops would be a cause of instability.

“The two governments should coordinate to ensure a full withdrawal. U.S. presence will be cause for internal polarization and a magnet for terrorists,” Badr spokesman Kareem Nuri said.

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NYT: UN Experts: Islamic State Militants Still Pose World Threat

UNITED NATIONS — The Islamic State extremist group still poses “a significant and evolving threat around the world” despite recent setbacks in Iraq, Syria and the southern Philippines that forced the militants to relinquish strongholds, U.N. experts said.

Their report to the Security Council circulated Tuesday said IS “has lost its focus on conquering and holding territory” but is continuing “to give prominence to external attacks.”

“In future, it will focus primarily on a smaller and more motivated group of individuals willing to fight or conduct attacks,” the experts said.

According to the experts, the Islamic State group is now organized “as a global network, with a flat hierarchy and less operational control over its affiliates,” with some members willing to cooperate with al-Qaida networks “to support one another’s attacks.”

As a result of the changing threat, the report said the fight against the extremist group is entering a new phase “with more focus on less visible networks of individuals and cells acting with a degree of autonomy.”

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NYT: U.S. Senators Concerned Trump’s Afghanistan Strategy Will Not Succeed

WASHINGTON — Republican and Democratic senators on Tuesday questioned whether President Donald Trump’s strategy in Afghanistan will bring an end to the nation’s longest war, which U.S. officials estimated will cost taxpayers more than $45 billion this year.

In their first hearing on the war since the Republican president unveiled his strategy in August, Senate Foreign Relations Committee members expressed concern to State Department and Pentagon officials that the plan will not achieve its goal of forcing the Taliban into peace talks.

Insurgents, they noted, control more Afghan territory than they have since the October 2001 U.S. invasion, and a spate of attacks in Kabul last month killed scores.

Trump in August committed to an open-ended conflict in Afghanistan and signaled he would send more troops as he vowed “a fight to win,” in a reversal of his call during the presidential election campaign for a swift U.S. withdrawal……………Senator Chris Coons, a Democrat, was more pointed.

“I don’t think there is a clear path out of Afghanistan and I worry that the Taliban will simply wait us out regardless of how long we are there, and as a result we may be there the rest of my life,” he said.

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US conduct airstrikes near Tajikistan and China border with Afghanistan

The US Air Force has carried out a series of airstrikes on Taliban hideouts near the border with Tajikistan and China as efforts are underway to suppress the Taliban-led insurgency across the country as part of the ongoing massive air campaign. Over the past 96 hours, U.S. forces conducted air operations to strike Taliban training

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B-52 bombers target ISIS hideouts in North of Afghanistan

The US Air Force has carried out a series of airstrikes on ISIS hideouts using the B-52 bombers in northern Jawzjan province of Afghanistan. The 209th Shaheen Corps of the Afghan military in a statement said the airstrikes were carried out in the vicinity of Darzab district home to several ISIS fighters. The Shaheen Corps

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Iraq Coalition Casualties: Military Fatalities By Name>>

Afghanistan Coalition Casualties: Military Fatalities By Name>>


This data is based on 51,544 database entries from the beginning of the war to 28 Feb 2017, and on monthly preliminary data from that date onwards. Preliminary data is shown in grey when applicable, and is based on approximate daily totals in the Recent Events section prior to full analysis. The full analysis extracts details such as the names or demographic details of individuals killed, the weapons that killed them and location amongst other details. The current range contains 36,537–38,380 deaths (20%–19%, a portion which may rise or fall over time) based on single-sourced reports.

Graphs are based on the higher number in our totals. Gaps in recording and reporting suggest that even our highest totals to date may be missing many civilian deaths from violence.

Total Dollar Cost of War>>

Cost of War in Iraq>>

Cost of War in Afghanistan>>

Recent Casualties

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