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United States Wars, News and Casualties

United States Wars, News and Casualties

The dead & suffering children of Iraq.

Video From Ten Years Ago

The War Criminals

The war criminals of the Bush regime lied and fabricated evidence to go to war.

Bush,Cheney,Rice,Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Powell are war criminals and today they are enjoying freedom.

The thousands dead, the region in chaos, the creation of Islamic State and the trillions of dollars cost and for what? The worst of all is that they were so desperate for war that they had no plans for peace.

So where are the protests and demonstrations today in the US to bring Bush, Chaney, Wolfowitz, Rice, Powell and Rumsfeld to Justice? There are none. There has been none. And now the US people ask – why do we have so many enemies and why do peoples from other cultures hate us?

Shaima Naif’s daughter, Jannat, who was killed in Mosul

We condemned children to death, some after many days of writhing in pain on bloodstained mats, without pain relievers. Some died quickly, wasted by missing arms and legs, crushed heads. As the fluids ran out of their bodies, they appeared like withered, spoiled fruits. They could have lived, certainly should have lived – and laughed and danced, and run and played- but instead they were brutally murdered. Yes, murdered!

The war ended for those children, but it has never ended for survivors who carry memories of them. Likewise, the effects of the U.S. bombings continue, immeasurably and indefensibly.

The McGlynn

War News

Vox: The US may be aiding war crimes in Yemen

The U.S. is helping Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen and it’s a disaster.

“The US may be aiding war crimes in Yemen”…is that a joke? Why use the word may? We know the Saudis are committing war crimes and the US is aiding them. We must face the truth.

Saudi Arabia hasn’t got the same treatment that Iraq and Afghanistan have gotten as they’re on good terms with the US and UK, same with Turkey, Erdogan is suppressing a large ethnic group and no one steps in because they’re friendly with the US and is supplying them oil. The USA is using the world like their playground, with military bases everywhere, they’re acting like they keep peace and order but the result is the exact opposite.

The McGlynn

NYT: Soldier in Bloody Niger Mission Had Warned of Gaps, Defense Officials Say

WASHINGTON — The leader of an ill-fated team of American soldiers in Niger last fall warned before the mission that his troops did not have the equipment or intelligence necessary to carry out a kill-or-capture raid against a local militant, according to preliminary findings of a continuing Defense Department investigation.

In a departure from normal lines of authority, the report concludes, the Oct. 4 mission was not approved by senior military officials up the chain of command in West Africa and Germany. Instead, it was ordered by a junior officer, according to two Defense Department officials. Four American soldiers and five Nigeriens were killed when the unit was ambushed.

The two officials said Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, are troubled that low-level officers are being blamed for the botched mission instead of senior commanders who should be aware when American troops are undertaking a high-risk raid…………….

Before he left Ouallam, those officials said, Captain Perozeni received the order to join the kill-or-capture mission against Mr. Cheffou, to be led by a separate assault force flying out of the town of Arlit. The order came from another junior officer, who was filling in for a regional commander on paternity leave.

Captain Perozeni pushed back against the change of mission, citing concerns over insufficient intelligence and equipment available to his team on the high-risk raid. But he did not resist orders to back up the separate assault force, the officials said.

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ALJ: Syria: Who Controls What?

Syria Photo

A man reacts as he hugs a child during evacuation in the besieged town of Douma, Eastern Ghouta, in Damascus, Syria March 19, 2018. REUTERS/Bassam Khabieh

REU: Erdogan says Turkey may extend Afrin campaign along whole Syrian border

ANKARA/AFRIN, Syria (Reuters) – Turkish forces will press their offensive against Kurdish YPG fighters along the length of Turkey’s border with Syria and if necessary into northern Iraq, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday.

FILE PHOTO: People sit in a truck with their belongings in the north east of Afrin, Syria March 15, 2018. REUTERS/Khalil Ashawi

Turkish troops and their rebel allies swept into the northwest Syrian town of Afrin on Sunday, the culmination of an eight-week campaign to drive the Kurdish YPG fighters from the region. On Monday, a Turkish aid group started distributing relief supplies in the town center. But residents continued to leave after widespread reports of looting.

After seizing control of Afrin, the main town in a pocket of Kurdish-controlled territory in northwest Syria, Erdogan said Turkey would also target a region stretching nearly 400 km (250 miles) east to the northern Syrian town of Qamishli.

Expanding Turkey’s military campaign into the much larger Kurdish-held territory further east would risk confronting troops of a NATO ally, the United States, that are deployed alongside a YPG-dominated force in northern Syria.

The YPG has been Washington’s main ally against Islamic State in Syria, in a partnership that has infuriated Turkey which sees the Kurdish force as an extension of a militant group waging a decades-long insurgency in its own southeast.

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REU: Human rights chief slams Security Council for inaction on Syria

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The United Nations’ human rights chief slammed the Security Council on Monday for failing to “defend human rights and prevent further loss of life” as the war in Syria that has killed nearly half a million people enters its eighth year.

“The Syrian conflict has been characterized by its absolute disregard for even the most minimal standards of principle and law,” said Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein.

Saying that many who had sought to document human rights violations had been detained, tortured or killed, Zeid said: “The Security Council has not lived up to the sacrifice of these heroes throughout Syria. It has not taken decisive action to defend human rights and prevent further loss of life.”

The high commissioner for human rights spoke at an informal meeting at the United Nations shortly after his expected briefing to the Security Council was blocked when Russia requested a procedural vote.

The 15 members of the council attended the informal meeting.

Zeid was critical of the use of veto powers in the council to shield “perpetrators of crimes against humanity and war crimes in Syria and elsewhere” from justice.

Russia, the largest international backer of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has used its veto power nearly a dozen times on possible Security Council action on Syria since the country’s civil war began in 2011.

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Russia blocks U.N. Security Council meeting on human rights in Syria>>

REU: Air strike kills 17 in Ghouta rebel town: Observatory

BEIRUT (Reuters) – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said an air strike killed 15 children and two women sheltering in the basement of a school in the Syrian rebel-held town of Arbin in eastern Ghouta on Monday.

There was no immediate comment from Damascus, which says its forces only target militants and accuses the Ghouta factions of holding civilians against their will – a charge rebels deny.

The British-based monitoring group said the strike wounded more than 50 people in the enclave, where an offensive by the government and its allies has seized much of the insurgent territory.

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REU:Islamic State takes Damascus area after rebels pull out: monitor

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Islamic State fighters holding a small district in Damascus have gained some ground after driving out Syrian army units that moved into a neighboring area that rebels abandoned last week, a war monitor said.

In fighting that lasted 24 hours, the ultra-hardline militant group killed 36 Syrian soldiers, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. The Syrian army could not immediately be reached for comment.

The district of al-Qadam lies in the Syrian capital’s southern suburbs and has not been part of the month-long offensive waged by the army against rebels in eastern Ghouta.

It is located next to the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, a scene of fierce fighting early in the seven-year conflict.

Last week, rebels that had held part of Qadam for years quit the district for opposition areas in northern Syria under an evacuation deal with the government, allowing the army to move in.

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Iraqinews: Pro-gov’t forces reluctant to withdraw from Anbar following IS defeat – source

Anbar ( – Paramilitary troops of al-Hashd al-Shaabi are reluctant to withdraw from Anbar province following the declaration of victory over Islamic State (IS) militants across Iraq last year, a security source was quoted as saying Monday.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told al-Quds al-Arabi that the pro-government troops, also known as Popular Mobilization Forces (PMFs), were “planned to leave Anbar after eliminating all IS cells in the province last November, but they did not.”

He pointed out that the presence of those troops in Anbar is no longer necessary as there are enough army and police forces, who can face any possible threat by IS militants in the liberated areas.

Despite the crushing defeat of Islamic State in December, the PMFs reject to leave liberated areas under the pretext that there are still explosive bombs and booby-trapped houses there.

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REU: India says it has confirmed 39 Indians missing in Iraq since 2014 are dead

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India said on Tuesday that 39 Indians, who were believed to have been kidnapped by Islamic State militants in Iraq in 2014, had been confirmed dead after their bodies were found.

The bodies were recovered from a mass grave and DNA tests had confirmed them to be those of the construction workers who went missing from the Iraqi city of Mosul, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj told parliament.

“With full proof I can say these 39 are dead,” the minister said. The government had for years said it would only declare the men dead once it had full evidence.

Swaraj said the authorities in Baghdad helped identify a mass grave and with the help of deep penetration radar, the buried bodies were discovered and exhumed.

DNA testing provided matches for 38 of the missing men while one was a 70 percent match, Swaraj said.

“We recovered ID cards, long hair, kada and some non-Iraqi footwear,” Swaraj said. A kada is a bracelet worn by Sikh men, who do not cut their hair.

Most of the workers were from the northern state of Punjab.

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NYT: 15 Years Ago, I Helped Start a War That Hasn’t Ended

When I deployed to Iraq in 2003, there was no war. We had to start it.

As a lieutenant in charge of six tanks (four active-duty crews, two reserve), I gave a preinvasion talk to my platoon before rolling out. It was 15 years ago, and I was 24 — older than all but two of the 23 crewmen. It was a moment I had long fantasized about, inspired by the fist-pumping motivational speeches that rouse the troops in war movies like “Gladiator” and “Patton.”

Behind a line of tanks, on a stretch of Kuwaiti sand as flat and featureless as my courage, I adopted a folksy tone. “I know y’all were probably looking forward to a big ‘Braveheart’ talk, but you know me — I’m not one to speechify.” I paused, tried to stop my voice from shaking and failed. “I’m just like the rest of you: I’ve never been to combat, so I don’t know what it’s like. But I want to tell you all that it’s O.K. to be scared.” I’m not sure whom I was trying to convince more: my Marines or myself. “What’s not O.K. is to let that fear overcome you. No panicking. We’re all well trained, and as long as we go with our training and make quick decisions, we’re gonna accomplish the mission and be fine. Tank commanders, you know what I expect.” That was it. No one responded with a battle cry…………………The case for the invasion was thin — or rather, it was thick, but, we now know, filled with faulty intelligence, half-truths and a fervor for war that was unsated by the conflict in Afghanistan. Back in the United States, President George W. Bush told the nation on March 19 that it was time to free the people of Iraq and “defend the world from grave danger.” Within hours, thousands of troops, including my battalion, crossed the border to look for Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction…………….Fifteen years later, the invasion is a footnote to the war, and the aftermath is filled with too much death and dishonor for me to ever regret leaving the service without another deployment.

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US Air Force release new report about Afghanistan missions and Afghan Air Force

The US Air Force has released its latest report regarding the ongoing counter-terrorism missions as well as the efforts to bolster the fighting capabilities of the Afghan Air Force. The report states that in February, U.S. aircraft employed 469 weapons against Taliban and ISIS-Khorasan targets, more than double the 200 employed in February 2017. “Additionally,

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HIA recommendations for peace shared with Taliban, US, and govt: Hekmatyar

The leader of Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin Hekmatyar says the recommendations of Hezb-e-Islami regarding the reconciliation process have been shared with the Afghan government, Taliban group, and the foreigners, including Washington. Hekmatyar made informed regarding the presentation of his party’s recommendatins regarding the peace process as he was speaking during a gathering in Nangarhar on Monday. Without

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Taliban invites Ismail Khan to its political office for negotiations

The Taliban group reacted at the demands of the former Herat governor Mohammad Ismail Khan regarding the reconciliation process amid efforts are underway to persuade the group to take part in direct peace talks. Taliban spokesman Mujahid issued a statement in reaction to Khan’s demands and claimed that the former governor of Herat has demanded

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Cost of War in Iraq>>

Cost of War in Afghanistan>>

Recent Casualties

Color Denotes Today’s Confirmation

The Department of Defense announced today the deaths of seven airmen who were supporting Operation Inherent Resolve. They died March 15 when an HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter crashed in western Iraq. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Captain Mark K. Weber, 29, of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was assigned to the 38th Rescue Squadron at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia.

Captain Andreas B. O’Keeffe, 37, of Center Moriches, New York.
Captain Christopher T. Zanetis, 37, of Long Island City, New York.
Master Sergeant Christopher J. Raguso, 39, of Commack, New York.
Staff Sergeant Dashan J. Briggs, 30, of Port Jefferson Station, New York.

Master Sergeant William R. Posch, 36, of Indialantic, Florida.
Staff Sergeant Carl P. Enis, 31, of Tallahassee, Florida.
Both were assigned to the 308th Rescue Squadron, Air Force Reserve, at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida. For more information, media may contact the 920th Rescue Wing public affairs office at 321-615-0329.

The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Inherent Resolve.

Sgt. 1st Class Maitland Deweever Wilson, 38, of Brooklyn, New York, died March 7 in Landstuhl, Germany from a non-combat related incident. The incident is under investigation.

Wilson was assigned to the 831st Transportation Battalion, 595th Transportation Brigade, Manama, Bahrain.

Care for Veterans:

PTSD: National Center for PTSDPTSD Care for Veterans, Military, and FamiliesSee Help for Veterans with PTSD to learn how to enroll for VA health care and get an assessment.

All VA Medical Centers provide PTSD care, as well as many VA clinics.Some VA’s have programs specializing in PTSD treatment. Use the VA PTSD ProgramLocator to find a PTSD program.If you are a war Veteran, find a Vet Center to help with the transition from military to civilian life.

Call the 24/7 Veteran Combat Call Center1-877-WAR-VETS (1-877-927-8387) to talk to another combat Veteran.DoD’s Defense Centers of Excellence (DCoE) 24/7 Outreach Center for Psychological Health & Traumatic Brain Injury provides information and helps locate resources.

Call 1-866-966-1020 or email resources@dcoeoutreach.orgMilitary OneSourceCall 24/7 for counseling and many resources 1-800-342-9647.Need further assistance? Get Help with VA PTSD Care

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