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United States Wars, News and Casualties

United States Wars, News and Casualties

War News

Children of War Photos

We won’t be able to change what grew inside the brains and hearts  of the children of War.

Damn The war criminals, Bush,Cheney,Rice,Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Powell 

The McGlynn:

REU: Yemeni negotiators to meet U.N. ahead of possible talks with Houthis

ADEN (Reuters) – Yemeni government negotiators will meet with deputy U.N. envoy to Yemen Maeen Sharim by mid-July, an official told Reuters on Tuesday, in a sign that peace talks with the Iran-aligned Houthis could resume soon.

The gathering in Riyadh aims “to crystallize the discussion topics before going to direct talks with the Houthis”, the official said.

U.N. Yemen envoy Martin Griffiths said last month he hoped to get the warring parties to the negotiating table in the next few weeks to end fighting in the port city of Hodeidah, a lifeline for Yemen.

The United Nations hopes a breakthrough at Hodeidah could lead to a wider solution to the three-year-old conflict, which is widely seen as a proxy battle between regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The war has killed more than 10,000 and caused the world’s most urgent humanitarian crisis, with millions facing starvation and disease.

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REU: Israel ‘not ruling out’ eventual ties with Syria’s Assad

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel held out the prospect on Tuesday of eventual contacts with Syria under President Bashar al-Assad, in a nod to his regime-consolidating advances in a seven-year-old civil war that Israeli officials had initially predicted would topple him.

Assad’s Russian-backed forces have advanced in southwest Syria and are on course to reach Quneitra, a rebel-held district abutting the Golan Heights frontier with Israel. That has raised Israeli concerns that he may try to deploy troops there in defiance of a 1974 U.N. demilitarization accord on the Golan.

Touring the Israeli-occupied Heights, Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman ramped up threats to use armed force should Damascus’s forces encroach. “Any Syrian soldier who will be in the buffer zone risks his life,” Lieberman told reporters.

However, Lieberman appeared to signal acknowledgment that Assad would regain control of the Syrian side of the Golan.

Asked by a reporter if he anticipated a time when the Quneitra crossing would be reopened under the U.N.-monitored armistice between Israel and Syria, and whether the two old enemies could establish “some kind of relationship”, Lieberman said: “I reckon we are a long way from that, but we are not ruling out anything.”

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REU: Assad, aided by Russia, poised to seize ‘cradle’ of revolt

AMMAN/BEIRUT (Reuters) – President Bashar al-Assad is poised to snuff out the Syrian rebellion in the city where it began more than seven years ago, as rebels said on Tuesday they were seeking to withdraw with Russian guarantees.

Government forces backed by Russia have seized most of Deraa province in the campaign that got under way last month and on Monday encircled rebel-held parts of Deraa city and seized the entire Jordanian frontier, which was once in opposition hands.

Assad, whose control was reduced to a fraction of Syria in 2015, now holds most of the country, with crucial help from Russia and Iran.

Deraa city was the scene of the first major anti-Assad protests in March 2011, which spiraled into a war now estimated to have killed half a million people.

The conflict has driven over 11 million people from their homes, with some 5.6 million Syrian refugees in neighboring states and many more in Europe.

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AP: Peace in Afghanistan more elusive as Taliban shrug off talks

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — With the Taliban shrugging off the Afghan government’s latest offers of a cease-fire and negotiations, peace seems as elusive as it has been for decades in this war-battered country, both for troops on the front lines and for civilians facing frequent attacks.

The Taliban have been gaining more ground in their annual spring offensive, ignoring President Ashraf Ghani’s calls for talks. Hoping to end the nearly 17-year war, he had offered unprecedented incentives, including passports for insurgents and their families.

Ghani had also offered to work toward removing international sanctions against the group’s leaders and allowing the Taliban to open official headquarters in the capital, Kabul.

But for that to happen, he stressed, a cease-fire must first be agreed on and the Taliban have to become a political group rather than an armed insurgency.

In June, the Taliban accepted a three-day cease-fire over the Eid al-Fitr holiday that caps the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, a first for the group, but rejected a subsequent government call to extend it.

They maintain the only talks they would take part in would be with the United States on their key demand: the withdrawal of all American forces from Afghanistan.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid recently reiterated the insurgents’ standing line that “the Americans are the ones continuing the war, supporting our enemies and bombing our country.”

“So, if there are talks, they should be with them (Americans),” Mujahid told The Associated Press over the phone. “Otherwise they won’t have any results.”

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AP: Saudi-based Islamic organization hosts Afghan conference

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The Saudi-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation is hosting a two-day conference to encourage peace talks to end Afghanistan’s nearly 17-year war.

The OIC, a 57-nation organization based in Jiddah, began the summit on Tuesday.

The gathering includes senior religious scholars who will “discuss ways of contributing to the efforts of achieving peace and stability in Afghanistan,” the organization said.

Shah Hussain Murtazavi, a deputy spokesman for Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, welcomed the conference.

The Taliban, meanwhile, criticized the event and said they expect it will take the side of the American “invaders.” A statement from the insurgent group pledged to continue jihad, or holy war, against U.S. and other foreign troops in Afghanistan, saying that the fight “is a must.”

Ghani has pushed for peace talks with the Taliban. The insurgents say they want to negotiate directly with the U.S., which invaded Afghanistan in 2001 to topple Kabul’s Taliban government that harbored al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

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NYT: Exclusive: After Discouraging Year, U.S. OfficialsExpect Review of Afghan Strategy

WASHINGTON — The United States is preparing to undertake a review of its strategy in Afghanistan, U.S. officials told Reuters, a year after President Donald Trump begrudgingly agreed to extend America’s involvement in the 17-year-old war.

Officials said Trump has shown signs of frustration over the lack of progress since he unveiled a strategy last August that committed to an open-ended deployment of U.S. military advisers, trainers and special forces and increased air support for Afghan security forces. The goal was to force the Taliban militants to open peace talks with the Kabul government.

Trump was opposed to remaining in America’s longest war, but was convinced by his advisers to give it more time. He authorized last year the deployment an additional 3,000 U.S. troops, bringing the total to around 15,000.

Nearly a year later, the current situation is in a stalemate in which Afghan civilians are paying a heavy toll, the Taliban are expanding in rural areas but are unable to capture major urban centers and the capability of Afghan security forces remains in doubt.

Several current U.S. officials and other former officials and advisers with direct knowledge said the White House had not yet formally ordered the review, but they were preparing for a government-wide appraisal in the next few months.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the issue.

   “We’ve received some indications from the White House that Trump could ask for a review in the next few months. So we’re preparing for what it would look like,” said a senior U.S. official.

The review would examine all facets of the current strategy, including what progress had been made, the U.S. troops presence, and prospect of negotiations with the Taliban. It also would include U.S. relations with Pakistan, which U.S. officials accuse of supporting the insurgents, the senior official said. Islamabad denies the charge.

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NYT: Afghan Official: Roadside Bomb Kills 5 Civilians

KABUL, Afghanistan — An Afghan official says a roadside bomb struck a vehicle in the western Farah province, killing five civilians, including two women and a small child.

Mohammad Naser Mehri, spokesman for the provincial governor, says four others were wounded in Wednesday’s blast.

Elsewhere in Afghanistan, gunmen attacked an education department building in the eastern Nangarhar province, killing two people.

Attahullah Khogyani, spokesman for the provincial governor, said another seven people were wounded in the attack in Jalalabad, the provincial capital. He says Afghan security forces are battling the attackers.

It was not immediately clear who was behind the attack, but both the Taliban and an Islamic State affiliate are active in Nangarhar.

NYT: Gunmen Trap Afghan Workers in Attack on Education Department Office

JALALABAD, Afghanistan — Gunmen attacked an education department office in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad on Wednesday and were holding out against security forces who had surrounded the compound, officials said.

Two explosions were heard near the scene and at least two people had been killed and five wounded, the provincial governor’s office said.

However, with an unknown number of people trapped in the building, the final casualty figure may be much higher.

“Our first priority is to rescue those people who are stuck inside,” Jalalabad police chief Ghulam Sanayi Stanekzai told Tolo News TV.

It was the third major attack in less than two weeks in Jalalabad, the main city of Nangarhar province, following a blast that killed a group of Sikhs on July 1 and a second that killed at least 12 people on Tuesday.

The attacks have underscored the instability in many parts of Afghanistan following a brief three-day truce with the Taliban over the Eid al-Fitr holiday last month.

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NATO leaders to discuss extension of Afghan forces funding beyond 2020

The NATO leaders meeting will kick off in Brussels today to hold talks regarding the deterrence and defence, stepping up the fight against terrorism, and and achieving fairer burden-sharing. The NATO leaders will also hold talks regarding the extension of the Afghan forces funding beyond 2020. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters on Tuesday .

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Explosion in Peshawar city leaves at least 20 dead, several wounded

At least twenty people were killed and thirty others sustained injuries in an explosion likely triggered by a suicide attack in Peshawar city of Pakistan. The incident took place late on Tuesday in Yakatook area of Peshawar targeting a leader of Awami National Party Haroon Bilour. Peshawar Capital City Police Officer Qazi Jameel has said .

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Iraq A Deadly Deception – War Documentary 2018

WAR DOCUMENTARY: IRAQ A DEADLY DECEPTION ALJAZEERA DOCUMENTARIES 2018 On the evening of 9/11, George W Bush made a vow to the American public – that he would defeat terrorism.
Unknown to those listening in shock to the presidential address, the president and his advisers had already begun planning their trajectory into an invasion of Iraq. It was packaged as “holding responsible the states who support terrorism” by Richard Perle, a Pentagon adviser between 2001 and 2003.
“I believe it represented a recognition that we would never succeed against the terrorists if we went after them one at a time and as long as governments were facilitating the organisation, training, equipping of, financing of terrorist organisations, we were never going to get it under control,” says Perle.
After 100 days spent fighting those who had become publicly accepted as the culprits – Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan – the US set the ball rolling for war against Iraq.
On the evening of 9/11 the president is saying: well, maybe we’ll be going after Iraq now and somebody said, well, that would be against international law. The president responded: I don’t care, we’re going to kick some ass.

The War Criminals

The war criminals, Bush,Cheney,Rice,Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Powell  

How many Iraqis have died as a result of the invasion 15 years ago? Some credible estimates put the number at more than one million. You can read that sentence again.

The invasion of Iraq is often spoken of in our country as a “blunder,” or even a “colossal mistake.” It was a crime.

Those who perpetrated it are still at large. Some of them have even been rehabilitated thanks to the horrors of a mostly amnesiac citizenry.

We condemned children to death, some after many days of writhing in pain on bloodstained mats, without pain relievers. Some died quickly, wasted by missing arms and legs, crushed heads. As the fluids ran out of their bodies, they appeared like withered, spoiled fruits. They could have lived, certainly should have lived – and laughed and danced, and run and played- but instead they were brutally murdered. Yes, murdered!

The war ended for those children, but it has never ended for survivors who carry memories of them. Likewise, the effects of the U.S. bombings continue, immeasurably and indefensibly.

The McGlynn


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