The war ended for those children, but it has never ended for survivors who carry memories of them. Likewise, the effects of the U.S. bombings continue, immeasurably and indefensibly.

Damn The War Criminals,Bush,Cheney,Rice,Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Powell and Blair from England.

How many Iraqis have died as a result of the invasion 15 years ago? Some credible estimates put the number at more than one million. You can read that sentence again.

The invasion of Iraq is often spoken of in our country as a “blunder,” or even a “colossal mistake.” It was a crime.

Those who perpetrated it are still at large. Some of them have even been rehabilitated thanks to the horrors of a mostly amnesiac citizenry.

We condemned children to death, some after many days of writhing in pain on bloodstained mats, without pain relievers. Some died quickly, wasted by missing arms and legs, crushed heads. As the fluids ran out of their bodies, they appeared like withered, spoiled fruits. They could have lived, certainly should have lived – and laughed and danced, and run and played- but instead they were brutally murdered. Yes, murdered!

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GUARD: Hunt faces grilling by MPs over support for Saudi-led war in Yemen

Foreign Office claims no link between Khashoggi murder and conduct of Yemen civil war

UK ministers will face intense pressure this week to explain continued support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen in the wake of the revelations about the premeditated murder of the Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi by allies of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The Middle East minister, Alistair Burt, and the foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, will be separately cross-examined about Britain’s relations with Saudi Arabia in the Commons, amid reports in British newspapers that UK intelligence may have known in advance that the Saudis were preparing to kill or capture Khashoggi.

The Foreign Office, in common with the French president, Emmanuel Macron, says there is no link between the Khashoggi murder and the conduct of the four-year civil war in Yemen, yet in reality ministers privately admit tolerance of the crown prince’s aggressive strategy is wearing thin. Macron on Saturday called for a united European response to Khashoggi’s killing, but is in dispute with Germany whether the sanctions should be directed against individuals or the Saudi regime.

Burt – who met Yemeni officials at the weekend in Bahrain – faces the international development select committee on Tuesday, and Hunt for the first time will be quizzed by the foreign affairs select committee on Wednesday. There are signs that senior Conservatives MPs have lost patience with Saudi Arabia…………….The formal British ministerial position is that the UK is entitled to sell arms to Saudi to be used in Yemen since the Saudi conduct of the war is not in breach of international humanitarian law.

But Labour claims the UK government insistence there is no military solution to the war in Yemen is not supported by any true British diplomatic pressure on Saudi to negotiate an end to hostilities, either through meaningful private pressure or an initiative at the United Nations, where the UK is the pen-holder on Yemen. The UK points out that the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels fighting the UN-backed government pose a genuine threat to Saudi Arabia.

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REU: Syrian Kurds boost fight against Islamic State in east after setback

BEIRUT/BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Syrian Kurdish special forces have joined an offensive against Islamic State militants in eastern Syria, a commander said, after the jihadists recovered ground from U.S.-backed forces in a fierce counter attack.

Islamic State (IS) launched the assault against the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the Deir al-Zor region near the Iraqi border on Friday. Iraqi Shi’ite militias have reinforced their side of the frontier in response.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said around 70 SDF fighters were killed in the assault which Islamic State launched under cover of a sandstorm and drew on suicide bombers and female jihadists. The SDF says it lost 14 fighters.

A spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition said Islamic State had been able to regain some ground but the SDF would “come back with coalition support”.

An SDF commander attributed the setback partly to the relative inexperience of the Arab SDF forces which have carried out much of the fighting against hardened Islamic State militants in Deir al-Zor.

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AP: IS claims suicide bombing near Kabul election office, 1 dead

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A suicide bombing targeting the Afghan election commission’s office in Kabul on Monday killed a police officer and wounded five people, the police said. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack, the latest surrounding Afghanistan’s embattled parliamentary election process.

The bomber was walking toward the gate of the heavily fortified election commission offices when the police became suspicious of his intentions and opened fire, prompting him to detonate his explosives vest, said police chief Bismillah Taban.

Both the Taliban and the IS had threatened to disrupt parliamentary elections in Afghanistan, which were held in most provinces on Oct. 20 and in southern Kandahar province last Saturday.

Earlier reports said the bomber in Monday’s attack drove an explosives-laden vehicle but Taban clarified later that he was on foot.

In a statement, the Islamic State group said “martyrdom-seeker, Abu Usama al-Badkhishi” exploded his vest near two Afghan security vehicles and a van carrying commission employees.

Afghanistan’s parliamentary elections were held against a backdrop of violence, with a multitude of attacks killing at least 36 people. Voting in Kandahar was postponed after an Oct. 18 attack by a turncoat Afghan guard who opened fire at a high-profile security meeting in the provincial capital that was also attended by American troops.

The province’s powerful provincial police chief, Gen. Abdul Raziq, was killed, as well as at least another provincial official and several policemen.

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3 ISIS Khurasan members killed in Haska Mina district of Nangarhar

At least three members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Khurasan (ISIS-K) were killed in an airstrike in Haska Mina district of Nangarhar province.

The provincial government media office in a statement said Sunday that the airstrike was carried out by the U.S. forces using unmanned aerial vehicles, drones.

The statement further added that the ISIS Khurasan group members were targeted in Shinkai and Sheikh Qala areas of the district.

A number of light and heavy weapons belonging to the terror group were also destroyed during the airstrike, the provincial government added in its statement.

The Afghan forces also discovered and defused two improvised explosive devices planted by the militants in Behsud and Kuz Kunar districts, according to the local officials.

Nangarhar is among the relatively calm provinces in East of Afghanistan but the anti-government armed militants including ISIS and Taliban militants are active in some of its districts and often attempt carry out terrorist related activities.

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Militants suffer heavy casualties in separate airstrikes of Afghan, U.S. forces

At least eight militants were killed or wounded during the airstrikes conducted by the Afghan forces in northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan.

The 209th Shaheen Corps of the Afghan Military in the North in a statement said the latest airstrikes were carried out in the vicinity of Dasht Archi district.

The statement further added that the hideouts of the anti-government armed militants were targeted in Bandar area of the district.

According to 209th Shaheen Corps, at least five militants were killed and three others were critically wounded during the same airstrikes.

Two hides of the militants were also destroyed during the airstrikes, the 209th Shaheen Corps added in its statement.

The anti-government armed militant groups including Taliban militants have not commented regarding the airstrikes so far.

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Taliban’s shadow district chief for Pacher Agam killed in NDS raid

The district chief of the Taliban group for Pacher Agam district of Nangarhar and his comrades were killed during an operation of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) forces.

The provincial government media office in a statement said at least twelve people including the shadow district chief of the group for Pacher Agam were killed during the raid on Sunday night in Khogyani district.

The statement further added that the raid was conducted based on a tip off in Pati Khargi area of the district where a clash broke out after the NDS force were ambushed, resulting into the killing of 12 militants, including Taliban’s shadow district chief Mawla Mahmood who was also famous as Iftikhar.

Some other key commanders of the group identified as Khanjar, Kamran, Laghmani, Haqyar also famous as Kochi, Sajid, Ghashi, and Syed Wali were among those killed, the statement added.

The NDS forces also confiscated two PKM machine guns, two rockets, five Ak-47s, some hand grenades and munitions, the provincial government said, adding that the local residents and security personnel have not sustained casualties during the operation.

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U.S. drones target Taliban vehicle in Paktia leaving 5 militants dead

At least five militants were killed after the U.S. drones targeted a vehicle of the Taliban militants in southeastern Paktia province of Afghanistan.

The 203rd Thunder Corps of the Afghan Military in the Southeast in a statement said the drone strike was carried out in the vicinity of Zurmat district.

The statement further added that a vehicle which was carrying Taliban militants was targeted in Yamnai Khel area of the district, leaving five militants dead.

The 203rd Thunder Corps also added that the vehicle was also destroyed during the same airstrike.

The anti-government armed militants including the Taliban militants have not commented regarding the report so far.

Paktia has been among the relatively calm provinces in Southeast of Afghanistan but the security situation of the province has deteriorated comparatively during the recent years.

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