21 Jan

Urgent Action: Viacom Blocks Ads For The Last War Crime Movie, In A Blatant Act Of Political Censorship

No sooner had we achieved a real victory in forcing YouTube to
reinstate our waterboarding scene preview clip, now we are facing
brick wall opposition from MTV (that’s Viacom Inc., a Standard and
Poor’s 500 giant media conglomerate) in getting out our PAID
advertising for “The Last War Crime” movie. It’s about indicting
Cheney for torture . . . and isn’t that something billions of people
want to see?

See the ad MTV refuses to run on this page.

Protest Viacom Censorship Action Page:

Friends, the corporate political censors have their hands clenched
around the throat of our public discourse right now, and only your
valiant voices of resistance can save our democracy. The right wing’s
rogue Supreme Court says money equates to free speech, but if even if
you have the money, you cannot even BUY free speech if the
corporations don’t preapprove of your message.

This is the end game, folks. Corporate special interests already
write ALL legislation in Congress. We must raise a hue and cry so
loud with our voices that we directly force the corporations to be
accountable. Otherwise there is no chance whatsoever for meaningful
policy change.

If you want to fight back, if you want to keep them from completely
suppressing this potentially world changing movie, there are THREE
things we urgently need you to do, at the cost to you to do ALL three
of a grand total of maybe 99 cents and about three clicks of a mouse.

1) Submit the action page to protest MTV’s rejection of the ad for
their Times Square HD video screen for The Last War Crime, and here
is the link again.

Protest Viacom Censorship Action Page:

2) At the top of that same page is a “like” button for the Facebook
page for “The Last War Crime”. We MUST demonstrate mass numbers of
likes on that page so that the distributors know how huge the
potential audience is for this movie and we get real distribution. If
you have a Facebook account all you have to do is click the button
right there one time before you submit the action page. Please just
do it. And here is a direct link to the Facebook movie page.

The Last War Crime on Facebook:

3) As a collateral action we have produced the most amazing theme
song track you ever heard. It’s called, “It’s A Crime”, and we pulled
together the absolute top musicians and singers in Los Angeles to cut
it live. We need each and every one of you to take just 99 cents and
buy the song over at iTunes, so we chart the song in their top 100
and create additional mass visibility for this project, and show
there is a market for this kind of political content. From this page
just click on “View in iTunes”, and if you don’t have the iTunes
application you’ll be prompted on how to get it.

Theme Song Download:

We simply wanted to run a 10 second video ad on MTV’s high definition
video screen in Times Square, but first their ad manager demanded to
know the content of the film itself. Here are the incriminating
admissions we actually have in writing of blatant censorship:

The Pen: “Must MTV approve the underlying content of a movie to
accept an ad for that movie (you asked me to tender a synopsis)?”

MTV: “Yes”

The Pen: “Does that not implicate some kind of possibly arbitrary
political censorship?”

MTV: “Yes”

Can you even imagine, can you even get your mind around, the sheer
arrogance of putting such admissions in writing, as if they were sure
they could get away with it?

Viacom Inc. is comprised of approximately 170 media networks reaching
more than 600 million global subscribers. We must presume the
rejection of this ad represents banning any reference to the movie
going forward across all those wide ranging properties, an
intolerable result under any construction of free speech in our

We are demanding that Viacom Inc. immediately reverse its position
with regard to this first ad, and attempt no further act of political
censorship against the producers of this movie or anyone else.

Please do ALL three things we are asking of you above. 1) Submit the
Viacom protest, 2) “like” the Facebook page for the movie, and 3) get
the movie theme song from iTunes. Then and only then can we get this
movie out there like it so deserves to be, so we can keep the voice
of real truth alive.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.
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