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We Can’t Afford to Wait

Disabled Woman In Wheelchair Booed At Health Care Town Hall


We Can’t Afford to Wait


BILL MOYERS JOURNAL, Single Payer Health Insurance



By Hekate

Keith Olbermann, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Eugene Robinson virtually held a wake for meaningful health care reform. I’m still not ready to bury my hopes — not until next week — but I started crying and I won’t be able to stop for awhile. I have never felt so low about Barack Obama.

My daughter will give birth to her second baby by C-section on December 21. She and her husband used to have insurance — and now they don’t. They are both self-employed and working like dogs…

My son is fully employed and and employer-based health insurance. Good thing, because he was diagnosed with complex partial seizures 2 months ago and is still in the evaluation and let’s-see-how-this-drug works stage. Of course he lost his driver’s license the moment he entered the ER…

I endured a town hall meeting with my Congresswoman last night. It was very well run — and there were city police at every door, thank you — but I couldn’t write about it then because by the time I got home I had not eaten in nearly 9 hours and my blood sugar had crashed pretty badly, possibly a side effect of some new med I am on.

The worst part of it all was the stress of sitting nearly surrounded by the people who came ready to hate every word our Congresswoman had to say. They may have made up as much as 25% of the crowd, and their aura was phenomenally hateful and draining. Christ, doesn’t it ever hurt to be that stupid?


By Hekate


My mother died last year. She was Canadian.

According to doctors she should have died when she was a baby and then when she was a child and then as a young adult and then … well you get the point. She was sick her entire life. She was a medical anomoly. She had rhumatoid and osteo arthritis, addisons and cushings disease, type 2 diabetes, IBS, 2 replacement hips and knees. She had over 27 major surgeries and multiple small ones through her life time. The longest stretch she had in a hospital was 3 years in IC.

She ran a publishing company, served on the hospital board, was a Lions member, served as a precinct judge for 40 years, gave to charities, raised a family, and did about half of it from a hospital bed. I used to be on a SWAT team and my mother is the only human who has ever knocked me flat on my ass – and she did it when she was in traction. Her last months were spent with round the clock attention and care. My dad had all the docs and nurses home phones and they were available to him any time. I cry when I think about how much she was loved. At her funeral most of the town showed up. My brothers friend Jerry, a harley mechanic who has never shaved or owned a suit showed up for the funeral in a new suit and a freshly shaved face. He cried like a baby.

Wonderful woman and I miss her daily.

My point here is that this giving person who contributed so much to her country, community and family would have died long ago without Canada’s health care system. She got what she needed when she needed it and we never had to sell the home or even worry about a bill. It confounds my hard right wing father why America doesn’t see that national single payer health care is good for a countries economy.

I don’t get America. This seems so obvious, so right, and so just. What is your problem? Has everyone here called their congress critter? Have you gone to see them? All of them? Have you encouraged others to do so? I have. I’ve made sure I did because it is the right thing to do, the smart thing to do and the just thing to do.

I wish us all god speed in this quest.

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