26 Nov

We refuse to live by the sword

Tomorrow: Joint Israeli-Palestinian Demonstration in the west bank

We refuse to live by the sword
Israelis and Palestinians demonstrating together at a checkpoint

Friday, November 27, 13:30 at the Minharot Checkpoint, Highway 60
Following last week’s postponement, this Friday (27.11) at 13:30 a joint Israeli-Palestinian demonstration will be held at the Minharot checkpoint, calling for the end of the occupation and a better future of justice, equality, and peace for both people. Combatants for Peace movement is leading the demonstration in collaboration with the “standing Together” initiative that was formed last month in response to the recent wave of violence. Through this initiative we have so far had successful demonstrations with thousands of participants in Jerusalem, Haifa and Rahat, and we will now demonstrate together in the Territories, where Israelis and Palestinians will be called upon to stand together and fight the occupation with non-violence, and refuse to live by the sword.
Transportation will leave from all over the country.

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We, Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians want to live in peace, with independence and justice. During this difficult time of terror and violence, we choose to stand together and demonstrate, not despite the violence but precisely because of the violence and raging terror — we refuse to live by our swords forever. This Friday we will go out and demonstrate together a little differently at the Minharot checkpoint: A joint, non-violent demonstration in the Territories, including the protest theater of giant puppets, calling for the end of the occupation and a better future of justice, equality and peace for both people.

In the face of the idleness and failure of our leaders to work for peace, justice and equality for both people, and in light of the escalating violence — we choose to act and stand together, at the center of the reality of one people ruling over another people, and disrupt the symbol of the routine of occupation and oppression — the checkpoints. We refuse to give in to the occupation and the despair, and choose a joint, non-violent stance with the message: There is another way.

On Friday we will board buses leavings cities in Israel and Palestinian cities in the West Bank to stand together, protest together, to prove that something can be done against the reality of the killing, the violence and the hatred, and that there is an answer to the despair which comes from years and years of ruling over another people and the revocation of its freedom.

There will be a show at the non-violent demonstration of giant puppets that were built with great love in the last few weeks by Israeli and Palestinian activists from Combatants for Peace — the product of the organization’s cooperation with the Bread and Puppet protest theater.

Come stand with us against the occupation, the racism, the fear and the incitement, for peace of independence, equality and justice for both peoples. The demonstration will take place on Friday 27.11 at 13:39 at the Minharot checkpoint. Combatants for Peace, in collaboration with We Will Stand Together, will lead the demonstration.

Transportation will leave Jerusalem (13:00 at Liberty Bell Park), Tel Aviv (12:00 Arlozorov Central Train Station), and Be’er Sheva (11:45 from Hamurim Center carpark). Private vehicles will leave Haifa at 11:30.
Independent arrival — please contact Ilan Shtayer 054-5692959.

Please register for transportation in the form at this link
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