24 Jun

Weekend Laughter


Cat Catapault

By Rich

Okay so Joe and I were thinking that we need to take this idea to its logical application to some of the other critters in our life. Catapault think of it cat a pault, pault has its origin from paullein French. I believe which means to engage with force. This site shows some of the designs for such mechanisms. It is possible that the name was changed from trebuche to catapault with the appearence of cats in our domain. Joe’s concern is with the development of a cat suit that would help in sustaining the inevitable g-force that the cats would encounter during launch on there way to the Almighty Sun God. I think that you will find in history that sun and cats are true companions, surely we all see how they worship the sun. It is only fitting that they be united. Once we develop a suit we will move on to ground hog catapault. The only thing holding us up is the suit, so we were thinking that with your vast knowledge of cats we could use your help so we can move on to the ground hogs which have occupied Plymouth. This is urgent so please help us so we can move on to addressing the occupation, the onslaught occurring as we speak in moms back yard.

I am sorry. After consulting with The McGlynn, we have decided that the cats should be launched to a habitable planet which they could prepare for humanity to possibly move too in the future, if need be. This puts a great amount of responsibility on the cats but Joe and I think that that is what they are here for. Now we just have to find a planet. We will get to that after the suit is developed. We are looking forward to moving on to the situation in Plymouth so we are really need your input, designs soon.

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