15 Feb


From: “Michael Moore”

To: The O’Leary

Subject: Still Time To Take Your Valentine To “Where To Invade Next”

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! I hope you are having a loving day today no matter what you are doing.

As many of you know, my new film WHERE TO INVADE NEXT opened this weekend and it is in theaters everywhere NOW. You can easily get your tickets by going here (LINK.) As I reported yesterday, “Where To Invade Next” is not only on track to be my biggest limited opening (less than 300 screens) ever, we’ve just learned Saturday’s box office jumped 30% over Friday’s!

Consider this movie as my Valentine’s gift to America (and the world). In the film I spend nearly two hours showing what happens when the decisions that are made — especially the political decisions — are based on love. Love of your neighbor, love of those who have less, love of “the other” (the people who are not like you).

In “Where To Invade Next” I travel the world and show what the U.S. would look like if we were a kinder people. And in those places where women hold true power, I found that things were just better for everyone.

So if you want to take your Valentine to a movie that is about another kind of love, I can guarantee you’re going to walk out at the end uplifted, energized and with a real sense of hope. There’s still time to make a night of it and hit the theatre!

And don’t forget to tweet and post your pix from the evening! I’ll share them with my nearly 5 million online followers. And I thank you with all my heart for sharing your Valentine’s Day with me via my film.

Have a loving night and I hope you all enjoy WHERE TO INVADE NEXT!

Best, Michael

P.S. Here’s some more of the comments I’m getting from around the country…

@MMFlint Brilliant movie! You are a beacon of hope. My wife and I saw it on our 7th anniversary. Thank you sir. — Tom Niedenfuer (@NeednFewer) February 14, 2016

@MMFlint it is done! This was the best V gift that I ever had. Thxs! A must watch — Carmen (@carmenjkf) February 14, 2016

Just bought my tickets to see brand new @MMFlint film “Where To Invade Next” for v-day! When will you get yours? Hurry! Vday is close! — Angela Burns (@LightFootWins) February 13, 2016

#Valentines @ #WhereToInvadeNext @MMFlint in Lansing, MI. yeah, we’re different — David C. Jones (@david1080p) February 14, 2016

Valentines Day pre-game, seeing #WhereToInvadeNext thank you @MMFlint. — Tara Woodruff (@wtara75) February 14, 2016

@MMFlint What did our teenager want to do most for VDay? See #WhereToInvadeNext! Raising her right. MUST see for her generation. — Dara Derion (@daraderion) February 14, 2016


Well, I woke up to some pretty awesome news this morning:

“WHERE TO INVADE NEXT Set to Create a New Record for Moore”

It turns out, despite me being bedridden with pneumonia, and a deep freeze east of the Mississippi that brought 100-yr record lows and kept millions of people home, tens of thousands came out to the theaters last night to see my new movie. Here’s how the Hollywood trade publication DEADLINE reported it:

“Here’s something to put a smile on Michael Moore’s face while he’s battling pneumonia in the hospital: His latest documentary ‘Where To Invade Next’ is set to pull in the biggest limited opening (box office) of his career.”

Yes, it did put a smile on face! And it confirmed all the reports we were receiving all night long across the country. I know for those of you in the eastern half of the country it may seem like a crazy idea to leave the house today to go see a movie. But I’ve checked with all of our theaters and I’ve been assured that their movie houses are all warm and toasty and burning as much fossil fuel as possible (which in turn will bring about further climate calamities like this in the future). But, for now, we can watch movies! So go online (where it’s also nice and cozy) and get your tickets for tonight (link). Call a friend or two and take them with you! Forward this email around and go on social media to tell others that this is the weekend to see one of the best and most searing movies they’ll see this year.

Finally, I have heard from many of you in Flint that my movie is not playing there. I am so sorry that this happened. I just found out about it Wednesday night and was beside myself to learn that the distributor did this. My assistant went down to their office yesterday to try and see what happened and when she got there the place was empty. Turns out they had all taken off to go to some festival in Europe. So, on her own, she tracked down a cinema chain in Michigan and convinced them to book my movie to open next Friday in Flint (it’ll be at the NCG Trillium, a few miles outside of town). I know this isn’t her job or mine, but as I explained before, the distributor is new and just starting up. I keep calling them “the distributor” instead of by their name because they don’t have a name yet – that’s how new they are. So, like with this kerfuffle, I’ve had to do a bunch of the work myself, which I’m guessing probably contributed to me being run down. That and a dozen other things, I suppose. I’m feeling better today, and am getting better with each day. When I heard from someone at “the distributor” as to why they snubbed Flint, he told me the reason Flint wasn’t booked was that the theaters there had “low” grosses – in other words, there wasn’t much money to be made in Flint. Oh, really? What a surprise. It’s the second poorest city of its size in the country – of course they have “low grosses.” Not to mention no clean water to drink. At the very least, don’t they deserve to go to the movies, especially to a movie made by one of their own? Jesus. The distributor, sensing I might have taken some offense to this slight, did offer to set up a booking next week, but my assistant has taken care of it. They do mean well. They just have a lot on their plate. My apologies to the people in Flint. I promise, when I am well, to get back there, secure a facility in the inner city, and have a big free screening for everyone.

So bundle up everybody – you only have to walk from the house to the garage and then from the parking lot to the theater! Easy! Or, if you live out west or in Florida, a bike or a skateboard will do. Either way, let me know what you think – tweet your comments or pix of yourselves at the theater and I’ll RT and Facebook them.

Thanks for being part of this weekend with me.

All my best,

Michael Moore

P.S. I have been blown away by all the tweets I’m getting and have been retweeting them from my account. Keep them coming! Here are some of my favorites:


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