10 Oct

Wow. Police harrass and humilate Black Man, White Lady Lawyer intervenes, restores order.

Wow. Police harrass and humilate Black Man, White Lady Lawyer intervenes, restores order.

The O’Leary: This is priceless!

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They were treating him like a dog.

Attorney shuts down police stop of black handyman

A recent videotaped incident in Washington, D.C., highlights the way race and class matter in police interactions with residents.The video, which was posted online by the Washington Post, shows white attorney Jody Westby coming to the aid of black handyman Dennis Stucky, who has been stopped by two officers and is sitting on a curb in the upscale Foxhall Crescent neighborhood.

Westby asks the officers – one standing near the curb and another sitting in a patrol car — why Stucky has been stopped, and they tell her he’s suspected in a burglary.

Below the Scroll du Kos, we will look at this but I must implore you to visit the linked page and read the entire article; fair use interferes with useful and necessary information, but we shan’t break the law.Video awaits as well.

Essentially, the cops – shockingly – were basically wrong AND tormenting this man who was just there to earn his pay. He is a handyman who is described as being a fixture in the area for decades.

The cops reported they had a call about a burglar alarm and the handyman, who has a name – Mr. Dennis Stucky – was reported to be carrying bags. Must be him. Too bad the burglar alarm call was in a neighborhood NEARBY.

Pretty terrible to be a black man in a wealthy neighborhood carrying bags.

What’s WORSE is this harassment and exercise in public humiliation was provided by a black police officer to a black man.

One of the gems in this, aside from the lawyer telling the cops to go away, was the police officer complaining that Mr. Stucky was getting “boisterous”.

The officer, who is black, tells Westby that Stucky had become “loud and boisterous,” which made police suspicious.“Because you’re accusing him,” Westby says, sternly.

I love how this lady intervenes, holds their feet to the fire, tells them which end is up and to get out of the neighborhood. Priceless.The police – white and black together – are excavating a massive chasm of a hole underneath their feet with this unacceptable and essentially incompetent horseshit.

They should want to get control of that.


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