09 Sep

Yes, We Still Can

In a full-page New York Times ad released Wednesday, Obama campaign workers demand that the president fight for a public health care option.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee raised over $100,000 online to fund the ad, which will be published in the paper this week. It features a petition signed by 400 former Obama campaign staffers, 25,000 Obama volunteers, and 40,000 Obama donors that states health care reform without a public option is not “change we can believe in.” The full page can be seen at ActBlue, where the group is now raising money to turn it into a television spot featuring Obama organizers.

The 180,000-member organization raised $100,000 online in 72 hours to fund the ad. Over three thousand donated; the average contribution was $35.

The ad features a quote from Lance Orchid, Obama’s Deputy Field Director in Georgia: “President Obama, I started making calls for you during the South Carolina primary from my recovery bed — after a nearly fatal accident. I couldn’t afford health insurance and racked up big bills. I worked for you because I believed you could bring real change on health care. The public option is that change — please don’t disappoint me and the millions of people who believed in you.”

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